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Tarot Affirmation for January 12, 2014

Today’s card is the Seven of Summer.


In this card we see a Fairy woman in a hat shop trying on hats.  She has lots of choices around her and I get the feeling she might have been at this for a while.  She is in the process of choosing the hat she likes best and she’s going to take her time in doing so!

When you choose a hat you tend to look through all the choices that are available and then choose the one that you like the best.  The one that serves you the best.

What if we think of our thoughts as hats?

What if we apply the same logic in choosing our thoughts as we would our hats?

We wouldn’t choose a hat that we didn’t like.  People are seriously fussy about hats, have you ever noticed that?  Even when it comes to finding a hat for some practical purpose, like keeping our heads warm when outside in the winter, we still take the time to choose the one we like best.

What if we took the same care in choosing our thought as we do in choosing our hats?

What if we chose our thoughts out of those available to us based on how much we liked them?

Another thing about hats – we can take them on and off at will!   What if we saw our thoughts as something we can take on and off at will?

You can, you know.

Some thoughts are harder to get off just like some hats are.  (Think of those fancy little hats that have to be pinned on through the hair.)  Some thoughts are harder to keep in place.  (Ever had a hat that the wind just kept grabbing off your head?)  Even in these cases, though, there are ways!

You are empowered to choose your thoughts.

Practicing choosing your thoughts makes it more natural and easier over time. What better time to start than now.  Start to practice choosing your thoughts based on how much you like them.  Try them on, see how they make you feel.  See how they serve you.  Choose thoughts that feel good.  That serve you.  Choose thoughts that are flattering, fun, and that you WANT to wear.

Remember, you wouldn’t want to wear a hat that wasn’t these things, so why wear a thought that isn’t as well.

Oh, and don’t forget that hats are a very personal thing.  What I like and what you like  or what I think suits me and what you think suits you can be different!  You wouldn’t likely let someone choose a hat for you that you didn’t also like yourself.  The same goes for thoughts!  Choose for yourself!  Have your own style and flair.

It’s YOUR hat!

Love it!

Wear it!

Own it!

“May you see your thoughts as hats.  May you know that you can take them on and off at will.  May you know that you are empowered to choose.  May you choose thoughts that feel best and serve you best.  May you choose thoughts you like!”

“I see my thoughts as hats.  I can take them on and off at will.  I am empowered to choose.  I choose thoughts that feel best and serve me best.  I choose thoughts I like!”

On a side note here, I have a favorite author, Gail Carriger, who has a wonderfully individual character when it comes to her choices in hats, no matter what anyone else might think of them.  They are outrageous hats but she unflappingly loves them, wears them and owns the wearing of them!  I was inspired a bit by that character today in writing this.  The books are a lot of fun and I highly recommend them.  They are the Parasol Protectorate Series by Gail Carriger.

Today’s card is from the The Victorian Fairy Tarot by LunaeaWeatherstone and Gary A. Lippincott.  You can check out the facebook page for this deck here.


Tarot Affirmation for January 8, 2013

As part of my morning practice I pulled a tarot card to inspire an affirmation for the day.  I pulled the Ace of Spring.

Victorian Fairy Ace Spring

I came up with two affirmations from this card that I think compliment each other.

“I see evidence of beauty, growth and freshness of spirit coming from me.”


“My dreams take flight.”

In this card it is Spring.  We see the Earth bursting forth with a freshness and newness that lifts our spirits and reminds us of the potential that both the Earth and we hold within us.   The branch that has been bare all winter now bursts forth with frothy white blossoms.   There’s an excitement in the air, a renewing of energy and fresh inspiration to get out there and engage in life.   Someone has taken that invitation and gone out to play.  Their beautiful kite reaches up into the sky, pausing to frolick with the blossoming tree.  The symbol of the butterfly adorns the kite reminding us of the transformation that is available to all of us, reminding us of what beauty we hold when we emerge from our caccoons and let our dreams take flight.

It is good to be reminded of these things and it is good to see evidence of our own beauty, growth and renewal of our spirits.  It uplifts us, it encourages us, it adds to our faith in ourselves and in the world around us.  From this place we are more able to let our dreams take flight… and to delight in the process of doing so.

May you see the beauty within yourself.  May you see and appreciate your own growth and blossoming.  May your spirit be renewed and refreshed.  May you let your dreams take flight.  May you find joy in it all.


Today’s card is from the The Victorian Fairy Tarot by LunaeaWeatherstone and Gary A. Lippincott.  You can check out the facebook page for this deck here.

Heeding the Call: Personal Retreat from the Internet – Phase One Report

Last Wednesday I came down with one humdinger of a headache… again. That was my clue to finally stop resisting a much needed internet break. I had been feeling the need to get off-line and spend more time listening to my inner nudges for a few weeks and I kept resisting. In fact, I’d spend even more time online and that was when the headaches started setting in. Needless to say there were things that needed my attention and I was doing my version of sticking my fingers in my ears, squeezing my eyes shut and singing really loudly to not have to hear. Mature – eh?

So, now a week has gone by and I can tell I need more time. I’m taking a part of today to tend to several things that have been piling up in the inbox so that in another week I don’t feel completely overwhelmed when I come back into internet land. I can’t believe how much stuff can pile up in just a weeks time!

Not wanting to neglect my blog for quite so long I figured I better post something while I was at it. So here I am. What have I been up to in the past week of internet-free living? Oh my, where to start?

I’ve spent lots of time reading. I read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho in one day. Quite an interesting little book that leaves you with lots to ponder. I’m working through a beautiful book, The Bluebird Effect by Julie Zickefoose, full of inspiring naturalist writing and art that I am just loving. I’ve been working through the latest copy of Yoga Journal. And I have been learning a ton about working with your moon sign and progressed moon  in Amy Herring’s book Astrology of the Moon – what a bunch of gems in that one!

I’m working on planning a vacation for my husband and I to the Othello and Crab Creek areas of central Washington – one of our favorite places for spring outings. Oh the birds and the sunshine and the smell of sagebrush!

I have been watching all the birds coming to enjoy the newly flowering ornamental plums in front of the house. Bushtits, Yellow-rumped Warblers, Hummingbirds, and House Finches to name just a few. The House Finches have been making it snow pink blossoms as they pull each one off, nibble the core, then let the rest float to the ground.

I’ve been enjoying all the new blooms that have been appearing over the last week as Spring begins to take hold more and more – Persephone has indeed begun her visiting! I spent one glorious couple of hours on a warm sunny day sitting on the porch journaling while being encased in the perfume of hundreds of Daphne blossoms from the plant next to my porch chair – pure bliss. I even got sun-kissed!

I’ve spent plenty of time enjoying my daily walks, letting them linger and then spending more time writing about them after I get back home. Just yesterday as I walked through Schmitz Park I was blessed by not one but two of Nature’s secrets being revealed – two different Anna’s Hummingbirds came buzzing by me and then landed in their respective nests. How sweet is that?! I can’t wait to watch as those nests start to hatch teeny tiny little baby hummers! Oh and nature is coming alive more and more as March takes hold. Salmonberries, Snowberries, and Red Elderberry are all beginning to leaf out. The forest floor is sprouting bleeding heart foliage and other fine greenery. The single clump of Trillium in the park are starting to pop up out of the ground. Oh and the bird song – beautiful! The Flickers are especially a delight to listen to as they chatter and call and drum – so full of enthusiasm!

I’ve spent more time with my daily yoga practice and spent a lot more time in meditation as well. I’ve been meditating with some new crystal treasures that came home with me this past weekend after visiting Gem Heaven for the first time – I can’t believe that I had not yet discovered this amazing shop in Pike Place Market! Jim, the owner, was so full of information, with detailed stories about where the stones came from – I was filled with lots of new info to digest after being there – it was indeed a Gem Heaven!

And I’ve had plenty of ups and downs as I work through some old stories that have risen again for further transformation and healing. I’ve been using writing, meditation, crystals and the tarot to help me work through all that a little at a time. Gently and with compassion as these are some difficult ones. The main reason I was resisting this time off line, most likely. It is so easy and tempting to hide away in internet land, filling your time and mind up to hide from your problems. I always know something is up when my computer time feels more like an addiction I can’t quit rather than a tool for connection, creativity and learning. Sometimes it just takes me longer to let go and face whatever needs to be faced… it’s always worth it though. And that’s why I’ll be taking another week offline after this brief interlude. I can feel there is still more to do. Still more to find healing and transformation in as well as finding balance again for going forward. I’ve got plans for more writing and for some art time, along with what I’ve already been doing – with lots of tree hugging and nature loving to keep me nurtured along the way! Till then – blessings and pink blossoms and sweet bird song to you all!


The Tarot – Getting to Know it Better

If someone is wanting to learn more about the tarot there are many ways to go about it.

If you just want to try it a bit and don’t have your own tarot deck then there are places on the web to do simple readings. I can recommend a couple of them.

The first is at  http://www.gaiantarot.com/.   There you will find a tab that says Free Readings.  This will take you to a page where you can receive a three card reading  using an opportunity/challenge/potential resolution layout.  These reading only use the major arcana (the first 22 cards) of this deck.

The second is http://www.annak-tarot.at/Anna_Englisch/index_e.html.  At the Anna K Tarot website there is a link that says Card Reading and a link from there that says Online Readings.  There are six different layout options here with brief descriptions for what each can be used for.  These readings use the entire deck.  I personally love The Secret of the High Priestess layout.

These are two fairly different decks so one may speak to a person more than the other. Both websites give the ability to look at all of the cards and see some basic interpretations of them.   I recommend exploring the websites a bit and seeing what’s there.  These are both awesome decks!

If you have a deck and don’t wish to buy a book at this point to learn more on how to use it, then the public library is a great option. I have two books that I love and they both tend to be in public library collections.

The First is  the one I mentioned in the previous tarot post, Tarot for Life.

The second is Tarot Outside the Box.

Of course there are a lot more tarot books out there and most public library systems will have quite a number. Every book offers different approaches to learning about and working with the tarot. Exploring what works best for us as individuals is the best way to go.

If you have a deck already, or can access an online deck like the two I have mentioned above, one of the best ways to learn about and explore the tarot is to pick a card and use it as a writing prompt. What ever stands out in the image or whatever the image evokes in you, what ever it might bring up in that moment, just start writing. If nothing happens at first then start describing, quite literally what you see. What kind of setting is it in?  What people, animals or plants are in it?  What seems to be happening?   And then go on from there.  Doing this practice regularly can really open the tarot up to us and help us to develop our own meaning for the cards.

The same process works when we have a question or situation that we are wanting to gain insight into. By using the tarot in this way we are working to pull the answers and insights out from within ourselves. It is an empowering way to work with the tarot and the way I would recommend the strongest. Another way to make sure that we are empowering ourselves instead of limiting ourselves when working with the tarot is to make the questions open-ended versus yes or no questions.

When we are feeling frustrated or stuck or down right desperate for clarity it can be terribly tempting to approach any divinatory tool (or even other people) in a just “tell me already” way. But in doing so we limit ourselves. We give our own personal power away. We cheat ourselves of the personal development and growth and peace that can come from digging deep within ourselves. We also rarely get the answers we’re looking for because usually the answer is already somewhere within us and something within ourselves is keeping us from seeing it. It can be a difficult and painful process to work through the things within ourselves that keep us from seeing clearly and from knowing deeply but also an incredibly empowering one.  For me the tarot is a tool to work through those layers and then somewhere underneath them all the clearness, the knowing, the answers are found.

So there is a starting place to getting to know the tarot for those that are curious where to start.  I hope this is helpful and as always I welcome questions in the comments!

The Tarot

Many people think of the tarot as something used to only predict the future or lay out your life as if you have no say, no control, or no personal power – an unfortunate method used by some and the one often promoted in popular media and entertainment. Others don’t know much about the tarot or have questionable information about it and disregard it, make fun of it, or condemn it because it’s considered part of that new age “woo woo” stuff.

But what is the tarot, really?

The tarot is a set of images, visual triggers to relate to, to find meaning in, to tell stories from. It can be used in an amazing array of ways and for an equally amazing array of purposes. The tarot is as varied as the thousands upon thousands of different tarot deck and the thousands upon thousands of different people using the tarot.

My path with the tarot lead me to appreciate the tarot as an amazing tool for unlocking the answers within me.

I first used the tarot online. It was on some website where you could get a computer generated tarot reading. You focus on your question or issue and then click the button to have your cards revealed. I must have been lucky because I know there are some really hokey sites out there that are far from positive or helpful, I just happened to find a site that was. The cards and the brief descriptions of their meanings actually gave insight into what I was wondering about and left me to take away what I could and act from there. It worked. So I used it again and again. Eventually I began to see that there were different tarot decks that you could choose to have the readings done in and that led ever visually inclined me to start exploring the world of tarot decks in all their diversity. There are so many different tarot decks out there that there is bound to be one or two that really speak to any one person. I found more than one or two and slowly began to collect tarot decks. An admittedly dangerous to your bank account hobby, believe me!

Once I had my own decks I began to try reading for myself. I wasn’t quite sure how that was done so I went looking for a book to give me some ideas. This is where my luck with the tarot continued. The first tarot book I purchased was Tarot for Life by Paul Quinn I was drawn to it over others I looked at that day at the bookstore because it didn’t just tell you what the cards meant as if there is only one meaning for each of the cards, it showed examples of every day people using the cards to pull realizations and answers from within themselves. It guided you to use the tarot to ask yourself questions, to dig a little deeper. I am forever grateful for that being my first tarot book. And it just got better from there. I instinctively used the tarot, without knowing this was a way it could be used or was used by others, as a jumping off point in my journaling and free-writing practices. I used it to spark ideas for creative writing, again not realizing that there were whole books out there on using it for that very purpose. My work with the tarot was evolving naturally and intuitively and I was getting so much from it.

Eventually I started to look out into the world for tarot community. I felt like what I was getting from it was just too good not to share and if I was getting that stuff I was sure there had to be others that were too. That eventually led me to discovering Joanna Powell Colbert and her beautiful creation, the Gaian Tarot. I followed along as she finished up the work on that deck and so was there to learn that she was creating a community for those who wanted to work with the Gaian Tarot. I eventually joined that community and I could not have done a better thing. That community is so rich with teachings, recorded calls and live calls and people just sharing things in forums. It is rich with an incredible diversity of tarot people from all walks of life and from several places in the world. The collective knowledge of that place seriously knocks my socks off. It’s that good. I have been fortunate enough to get to know and become friends with several amazing people through that community and to connect with people using the tarot in astounding and life changing ways. There is Carolyn Cushing’s contemplative and Journeying into the Tarot practices; James Wells’ tarot counseling approach; Arwen Lynch’ way of using the tarot for writing and for “seeking joy y’all”; and that’s just a tiny sampling of the treasures I’ve found in that and the greater tarot community – so many people using tarot to create positive change within themselves and in the world and I have the fortune to be a part of that.

I can honestly say that when I first began to explore the tarot I would never have guessed what a big part of my life it would become and the places it would take me or the people it would connect me to. I would never have guessed when I joined the Gaian Tarot Circle that I would eventually become one of the forum Guardians, finding a natural place for myself within the community. I would never have guessed the amazing processes I would learn for self growth and development. So I can say I won’t be able to guess where else this relationship with the tarot and the tarot community will take me in the future. But it is full of lovely possibilities and I am excited to see where it goes. It’s a path I am certainly glad I decided to go down.

So that’s some of what the tarot is for me and my abbreviated story of my own evolving path in working with it. If you are curious about the tarot and have questions please feel free to ask in the comments and I will do my best to answer them. If you have stories of your own work with the tarot, I would love to hear them. May the tarot be as wonderful and as helpful a tool and companion along the way for you as it has been for me.

My Abstract Art – Revealed

There is a style of art that has evolved for me over many years that I return to again and again no matter what else I dabble in.  It is my favorite and has produced pieces that are deeply important to me.  They speak to me on some level that I can’t quite put into words.  I think that may be why, up till now, I’ve never shared them with anyone other than my husband.  I’m getting braver that way.

When I began exploring this style, as it emerged from somewhere within me, I finally felt good about my art.  Before I had always tried to force myself to be a realist in art and had never been satisfied with the outcome, even, looking back, when a piece was actually really good.  Going abstract seemed to help me out of that limiting and judgmental place when it came to my art and I’ve discovered that, for me, art is a therapy, a meditation that gets me out of my head, and something  that I have come to love.

The pieces below took varying  lengths of time to finish, from a couple hours to several months.  All the tiny details can take a great deal of time and can also be taxing to my wrist, so I often have to break them up in to more manageable chunks, especially the larger ones.

The mediums are pen, colored pencil, colored pen, watercolor, watercolor pencil, and water color crayon.

Below are several samples from over the years.

Changing Seasons – Pen, Colored Pen and Watercolor by Maurie Kirschner

Willow on a Spring Full Moon – Pen, Colored Pen and Colored Pencil by Maurie Kirschner

Untitled – Pen and Colored Pen by Maurie Kirschner

Untitled – close up on midsection art by Maurie Kirschner

This is an interpretation of the Empress Tarot Card in pen and colored pen by Maurie Kirschner

Fire Energy Medley – pen and colored pen by Maurie Kirschner

Plowed Fields and an Old Fence – pen and colored pencil by Maurie Kirschner

Tree in pen by Maurie Kirschner

Untitled in pen, colored pen and colored pencil by Maurie Kirschner

Unsuspecting in stamp and pen by Maurie Kirschner

Five of Cups Tarot interpretation in pen and colored pen by Maurie Kirschner (this was my first Tarot image I ever did)