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Tarot Affirmation for January 8, 2013

As part of my morning practice I pulled a tarot card to inspire an affirmation for the day.  I pulled the Ace of Spring.

Victorian Fairy Ace Spring

I came up with two affirmations from this card that I think compliment each other.

“I see evidence of beauty, growth and freshness of spirit coming from me.”


“My dreams take flight.”

In this card it is Spring.  We see the Earth bursting forth with a freshness and newness that lifts our spirits and reminds us of the potential that both the Earth and we hold within us.   The branch that has been bare all winter now bursts forth with frothy white blossoms.   There’s an excitement in the air, a renewing of energy and fresh inspiration to get out there and engage in life.   Someone has taken that invitation and gone out to play.  Their beautiful kite reaches up into the sky, pausing to frolick with the blossoming tree.  The symbol of the butterfly adorns the kite reminding us of the transformation that is available to all of us, reminding us of what beauty we hold when we emerge from our caccoons and let our dreams take flight.

It is good to be reminded of these things and it is good to see evidence of our own beauty, growth and renewal of our spirits.  It uplifts us, it encourages us, it adds to our faith in ourselves and in the world around us.  From this place we are more able to let our dreams take flight… and to delight in the process of doing so.

May you see the beauty within yourself.  May you see and appreciate your own growth and blossoming.  May your spirit be renewed and refreshed.  May you let your dreams take flight.  May you find joy in it all.


Today’s card is from the The Victorian Fairy Tarot by LunaeaWeatherstone and Gary A. Lippincott.  You can check out the facebook page for this deck here.


My (very own) Morning View

Morning View July 14, 2013

Thanks to Tammy at RowdyKittens for the inspiration and artist Jenn Gavlin from www.playful-potter.com for the awesome new mug I got from her yesterday at West Seattle Summerfest! Oh, and the geocache dinosaurs, of course!


Follow Your Curiosity


You can partner with Rhododendron to reconnect  to your inner playfulness and curiosity by using the essence, sitting with the plant and meditating or just connecting with one in your mind.  Rhododendron has an incredibly playful spirit!

Seek the Sweet Things

Introducing my first inspirational photo creation.  My photography.  My words.  With a little help from Nature…


Full Moon Dreamboard for January 2013

Dreamboards.   They keep coming up over and over in my reading and wanderings on the interweb.  I hear about them from e-courses, from the Create Your Incredible Life Workbook, from newsletters, from videos on you tube, on twitter… well I think I’m making my point.  They are everywhere!  So I finally took the hint and started the process.  I stalled though, I wasn’t really finding a lot of inspiration in the magazines as I browsed and was tired of all the ads I had to see along the way.  I needed another way.

Today I watched this video from Jamie Ridler and was pondering how I might do a simpler dream board.  Then in another video Jamie encourages those watching to try out what the little girl in the picture (below) is doing.  In the middle of laughing as I struck the pose a thought came to me – why not put together a dream board on Pinterest.  So off I went.

I opened up the animals category and immediately started feeling inspired.  I pinned and added brief words that the images were invoking me to dream.  Then, there in the middle of the animals board was that same picture of the little girl, completely out of place, yet so perfectly placed for me.  Synchronicity.  Love it.

expressing myself freely

Even more motivated now, I kept working through the process, searching different boards and eventually had a nice collection put together that felt complete.

I admit I felt a bit vulnerable putting such a thing on a public board, but there it is now and anyone who is interested can follow the following link to see it.


Keep Dreaming.

Inspiration #4

I felt a deep sense of mourning when I read about the loss of such an ancient and wise being as that of the 3500 year old Bald Cypress in Florida that is the center of this article by Rachel Sussman.  At the same time I was inspired by Rachel’s work to travel and photograph the earth’s most ancient organisms.  What a wonderful project.  I for one am happy to “meet” these being through her work.

Another incredibly inspiring plant themed piece that came across my path in the past couple weeks was this video of the singing plants at Damanhur.  I began to be moved to tears at the point in the video where the plant responded to individuals interactions with it.  When interacting with plants, I have felt just such a thing, something like a silent song that mirrors who you are, like they are truly seeing you.  With this video I was able to hear the music.  Beautiful!  More of the work this community is doing can be found here.


“Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, the mountain and the sea, are excellent schoolmasters, and teach some of us more than we can ever learn from books.”
~John Lubbock

Inspiration #3

These posts are so much fun to do and it reminds me that inspiration is everywhere!

This week’s inspiration starts out with a beautiful video of the releasing of a rehabilitated snowy owl – so moving!  Just look at the expressions on the spectators face!  I love how nature can move people so deeply!


What this guy does for was hard to really believe at first, but once I was sure it wasn’t some prank I was floored!  The patience and level of deep observation it must take to do this – wow!  You can see his website where it talks about what he does and even has a couple videos to show the method here.  I’m really curious if I could manage even a simple version of this.  This is one heck of an art form!

I was inspired by this woman’s decision and dedication to live a lifestyle that she feels is right for her.  You can read about it and even watch a short video here.

I’ll leave you with a beautiful quote on inspiration from Petrea Hansen 

“Those things outside of ourselves that seem to inspire us are really only reminders of what we have within.”
~Petrea Hansen Adamidis