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My Abstract Art – Revealed

There is a style of art that has evolved for me over many years that I return to again and again no matter what else I dabble in.  It is my favorite and has produced pieces that are deeply important to me.  They speak to me on some level that I can’t quite put into words.  I think that may be why, up till now, I’ve never shared them with anyone other than my husband.  I’m getting braver that way.

When I began exploring this style, as it emerged from somewhere within me, I finally felt good about my art.  Before I had always tried to force myself to be a realist in art and had never been satisfied with the outcome, even, looking back, when a piece was actually really good.  Going abstract seemed to help me out of that limiting and judgmental place when it came to my art and I’ve discovered that, for me, art is a therapy, a meditation that gets me out of my head, and something  that I have come to love.

The pieces below took varying  lengths of time to finish, from a couple hours to several months.  All the tiny details can take a great deal of time and can also be taxing to my wrist, so I often have to break them up in to more manageable chunks, especially the larger ones.

The mediums are pen, colored pencil, colored pen, watercolor, watercolor pencil, and water color crayon.

Below are several samples from over the years.

Changing Seasons – Pen, Colored Pen and Watercolor by Maurie Kirschner

Willow on a Spring Full Moon – Pen, Colored Pen and Colored Pencil by Maurie Kirschner

Untitled – Pen and Colored Pen by Maurie Kirschner

Untitled – close up on midsection art by Maurie Kirschner

This is an interpretation of the Empress Tarot Card in pen and colored pen by Maurie Kirschner

Fire Energy Medley – pen and colored pen by Maurie Kirschner

Plowed Fields and an Old Fence – pen and colored pencil by Maurie Kirschner

Tree in pen by Maurie Kirschner

Untitled in pen, colored pen and colored pencil by Maurie Kirschner

Unsuspecting in stamp and pen by Maurie Kirschner

Five of Cups Tarot interpretation in pen and colored pen by Maurie Kirschner (this was my first Tarot image I ever did)

Keep on Singing

For people who look to nature for spiritual insight, Autumn brings a time of drawing in what we have grown and gathered through the summer, then letting go of the rest.  Autumn, with the changing temperatures, the darkening days and the releasing of leaves from trees, takes us inward.

For those who follow the Wheel of the Year, Autumn brings us to the holiday of Samhain.  Samhain is a time of final harvest and of honoring our ancestors and those who have gone before us.  It’s a time of reflection that shows us ways to release over the coming days before the winter Solstice comes and the days grow longer again, bringing the first stirrings of new life and growth.  This season these energies and themes have seemed more intense for many.  Many of us have had to face not only the difficult process of letting go of things that no longer serve us in our inner and outer lives but also having to say goodbye to those who have passed on, often suddenly.

Just a few days before Samhain, I learned of the passing of a friend who had been very close and dear to me for many years.  Though we had only causally been in contact for the past several years, when we lived closer together our friendship was a very precious and strong one.  I could go on and on about what that friendship meant to me and how deeply that woman had touched my life.  When  I learned of her passing I went into physical shock and then was hit by some of the strongest emotions I have experienced in many years.   I sobbed and sobbed.  I was bent in double with the intensity of the pain I felt as it moved through my body.  I was amazed at how hard it was hitting me.  I’ve lost those close to me before, and not had quite this response.  The intensity of my grief was overwhelming.  As I moved through it, I began to wonder what was happening inside of me.  Why this particular response?  It wasn’t a usual one for me.  So I knew it was hinting at something deeper.  I delved into that deepness and came away with some incredible insight about myself and my relationship with others, my openness or lack there of to friendship and so much more.  This loss, took me deep and it revealed things to me I had not known about myself.

When Samhain came my husband and I held a quiet ritual, just the two of us, to honor our ancestors and to celebrate the final harvest.  We each took time to Journey and meet with our guides.  During my time of journeying, I was surprised to find my guides in a very playful mood, being downright silly with me.  Then the mood shifted a little and my closest guide led me to a cave.  In that cave, was a campfire and sitting at the campfire was my recently passed friend.  Tears began to stream down my face as I looked at her.  She sat by the fire and beckoned me to join her.  She smiled and then she handed me brightly colored ribbons.  “Keep on singing”, she said to me.  And I knew what she meant.  Keep singing, keep dancing, keep celebrating life and adding beauty to it in my own unique way.  She gave me a hug and I said goodbye, leaving the cave with my guide at my side.  What a gift she gave me even in her death.  What advise!

So, with that in mind I wish to share a bit of the brighter more festive parts of Autumn.  To remind those who, like me, have found themselves going deep and letting go of more than they bargained for this season, that Autumn is also full of beauty.  Autumn sings, as the wind moves through the trees.  Autumn dances as the leaves waft to the ground and swirl at our feet.  Autumn plays as the squirrels chase each other round and round the trunks of trees and leap through the branches.  We too, should remember to sing and dance and play in the midst of it all.  It is a gift we have while we are here on this earth and one I am sure that those who have passed before us, our ancestors and loved ones, would want to see us doing.

So go outside.  Notice the beauty of what ever Autumn is where you are.  If you have leaves to play in, do so!  If there are critters to watch, watch them.  Dance and sing with the wind and the leaves and be grateful that you can.


Hi, everyone.

I’m going to take the next couple weeks, maybe longer, to unplug from the computer.  If you want to stay in touch and we have interacted back and forth several times you can send an e-mail to with contact info and my husband will be sure to get mine to you.   I’m cool with penpals, or if you’re local and want to meet up in person, that’s awesome too.  I’m looking to develop a little more real in person community and I figure this would be a great time to start.  Hopefully I’ll come back refreshed and ready to enter blogging and social media land again.  In the mean time, I wish everyone a happy emerging Spring!



Take care,




Thursday 13 -Take Two

In which I list 13 things I have learned recently:

1.  If ever I wish to give a gift to a Buddhist Monk I know to look for Burgundy Socks.  This bit of wisdom came to me during our first visit to the Kadampa Meditation Center last Sunday, where the Monk was teaching on the precepts of giving and used some hilarious stories about things he has received over the years – both useful, such as men’s burgundy socks (which are supposedly very hard to find) and downright silly such as a comb.

2.  That if you eat too many raw spiralized zucchini noodles in one sitting your gut is likely to rebel.  I’ll spare you the details on this one!

3. That if you cut out fruit from your diet while fighting Candida, and you love fruit you are likely to have vivid tormenting dreams about fruit.  Sigh.

4. That making sushi is not really so hard after all!  This means I can have avocado and cucumber rolls again, minus the  sugars that most places add to the rice – YUMM!

5. That it feels really good to clean out the messy catch-all drawer in the kitchen.  Especially when your husband is so happy about it he keeps walking up and giving you hugs and saying thank you over  and over.

6.  That getting off a half hour earlier can mean getting home an hour earlier – and that extra hour my husband is home is damn nice!

7.  That you can grow to care for your online and blogging friends enough that when they are stomped on it can bring tears to your eyes and make you really pissed, I mean REALLY pissed.   At the same time I continue to be moved and inspired by the open and honest writing of my blog friend EcoGrrl, through it all.

8.  That two hours with a three year old is damn exhausting – but way fun!  Thanks to my nephew Caleb for this bit of wisdom.

9.  That the lessons of life from Mama-Om that often come from parenting can easily be applied to the lives of non-parents (such as myself) in so many ways.  I am truly inspired by her mindful way of life and the way she shares it with others.

10. That I miss pretty tablecloths, especially vintage ones.  I was reminded of this by a recent post from Jeanne at Collage of Life who discovered that a tablecloth on the table can wield a potent bit of magic.

11.  That sometimes the best gift you can give someone is taking the time to get to know them well enough to know what will truly make their souls sing.

12.  That simplifying is hard work.

13.  That there is this odd phenomena where people that are sport fanatics always seem to assume that everyone else is as big a sport fanatic as they are.  Sometimes you just have to smile and nod, because they just can’t seem to comprehend that you didn’t see or follow such and such game.  Oy.


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Mindful Mixture Goes Live

Welcome to Mindful Mixture!

I’ve been working on setting up this new home for my blogging for a while now.  I have moved all my old blogger posts from several blogs in to this one blog and went back and set up categories for them so they are more easily explored.

I highly recommend reading the page About Mindful Mixture and Me to get an idea about what each category covers and some of my upcoming plans for the blog.

Have fun exploring!

Ups and Downs

A quick little shout out for you to head over to my husband and my alternative transportation blog to read all about my little adventure this weekend.  I just hope you can handle a little blood! (It’s not THAT bad and there’s pictures of daffodils too – so you can handle it!)