Giving Them Back – Earth Treasures Returned to the Earth

My husband and I walked out the door for a sunset stroll to the nearby beach carrying two canvas shopping bags full of rocks and a small box of sand dollars.  I had hand picked each and every one of those rocks from various places that I’ve wandered.  Each one caught my attention at one point, got picked up and carried home where they sat in lovely piles on shelves or windowsills or in bowls being admired and appreciated each time I looked at them.

I have a thing for rocks.

I have since I was a small child, when I would collect them everywhere we went. I even had a tumbler machine and would tumble my own stones.  The obsession never left and to this day I carry home rocks on a regular basis.  I’ve managed some self control living a block from the beach over the last several years, but a few still sneak their way into my pockets or bags and onto the mantel or shelves.

Now they sit beside fancier rocks and crystals that I’ve been purchasing for a few years and truth be told there are some of the simple beach rocks that I love just as much as some of my most precious crystals.  I love them all.

As much as I love them I knew I needed to give some of them back to nature before moving.  In the process of downsizing I new it was time to downsize my collection of nature’s treasures. Not that I plan on having a lot less for very long, but because it was time for some to go back to the earth and perhaps be appreciated by others (I get a kick out of the idea of the odd geologist walking along on the beach and suddenly coming across rocks from Eastern Washington on the Puget Sound.).  At the same time I’m making my move easier and opening up space for new earthy treasures to come into my life.

That brings us back to the walk to the beach tonight with those bags of rocks and my mom’s collection of sand dollars that I’ve kept around for the ten years since she passed.  (She had a thing for sand dollars much like I have for rocks, and feathers and shells and sea glass and… well you get the point!)  I wanted to take the time to pick each one up again and appreciate it before tossing it out into the water.  My husband had fun skipping any of the ones that were even slightly flat and for a while we played  the “try to hit the log rolling in the waves” game.  It felt good to honor each of these treasures once more in this way.  I took the sand dollars and lined them up on a log along with a few feathers and felt my moms spirit close to me in those moments of laying them out and standing back to admire them.

It feels good to make simple things sacred, and that’s what the whole process was – sacred.


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