A Bit of Seattle Art – From Bathrooms to Construction Sites

One of the things I enjoy about Seattle is all the street art and unexpected art installations you can come across just while out running errands.  Today was no exception!

I have a favorite restaurant bathroom here in Seattle simply because of the art in it.  These are a few shots of the mural in the women’s bathroom at Homegrown in Fremont.  The artist is Ryan Henry Ward, a local muralist whose art shows up in several places around Seattle… all whimsical and totally fun.

Gnome by Henry

Gnome by Henry

Pixie by Henry

Pixie by Henry

Pink Unicorn by Henry

Pink Unicorn by Henry

The next set of pictures all come from the art project near Cal Anderson Park on Capital Hill where they are building a station for the Link Light Rail.  I just love that all the walls built around the construction area became canvas for local artists!

bird art 1 cap hill

Bird Art 1

bird art 2 cap hill

Bird Art 2

otter holding hands art cap hill

Otters Holding Hands

fefifofum art cap hill

Fe Fi Fo Fum Art

dragon teapot art cap hill

Dragon With Teapot Art

creative breath art cap hill

Creative Breath Art



You can find out a bit more about the Capital Hill Wall Art Project here.




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