Preserving the Most Beautiful and Sacred Places

America’s National Parks would not be what they are today without the work of people who saw the value and importance in preserving these places.  Not just preserving them, but making sure that they were managed in the best possible way.

In our culture we often take for granted the incredible gift we have available to us in our park systems and designated wild places.  We don’t often think of what it took to make sure they were preserved or what it takes today to make sure they continue into the future.  State Parks are closing at alarming rates, wildlife refuges are in threat of being sold off to oil companies and our parks on all levels suffer from budget cuts more and more every year.  I firmly believe in the sentiment that we save what we love.  I also feel that it is up to those of us who love this earth and her wild places to share that love as much as we can, hopefully spreading it as we go.

This film captures a story of our National Parks from the angle of the diverse people that helped make them what they are today.  These people are my heroes.

Enjoy… and spread the love.


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