Upon the Wild Winds Spring Arrives

Spring dawned dark, wet, and windy this morning.  Rain blew sideways from the sky as the trees danced the wild Spring dances.  Then as Spring does, it changed. A burst of sunshine broke through the clouds and set the forsythia to a golden glow.  As if drawn to the light a flock of Bushtits blew in and started feeding among the yellow blossoms.  The wet world sparkles as light reflects off  droplets of water.  The plum tree relinquished its blossoms, like pink snow they whorl about.  Ah, Spring -so diverse in its expressions.

The wind is the constant though.  As if it knows that on this day the season with which its element of air is connected has begun to be celebrated.  In the traditions of my spiritual practices Spring is connected with the sacred direction of East and with the element of Air.  The equinox arrives on the first day of the sign of Aries with its fresh new firey energy, much like that of the sun that will from this time forward increase in strength till it peeks at the Summer Solstice.   It’s a time of planting and of growth and of all of winters leftovers being washed and blown away by the rains and winds.

All this makes it a great time to give into that Spring cleaning urge both in your physical world and in your internal  world as well.  Open up the windows, air out the house, beat the rugs with a good old fashion broom on the front steps.  Scrub till it sparkles and notice how good it feels this time of year more than any other time.  Bring some lighter, fresher and wilder foods into your diet.   Take a little time for a simple ritual of releasing things that are ready to go from within you.  Get excited about the coming spring and summer.  Plant some hardy early season seeds.  Go for walks on these glorious bloom filled blustery days.  Take it all in.  Winter is past.  Spring is here.  It’s time to get frisky and playful and wild and free.  Just look outside at the natural world and what its doing if you don’t believe me!

Happy Spring to all.  May this season bring more light and joy and beauty into each of your lives!



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