An Afternoon of Art Surprise

I set up a lovely little space in my studio for an afternoon of painting.  I brought in my pink carnations that my husband had gotten me for Valentine’s Day and I lined up a collection of mostly pink stones on the window sill near where I had set up my easel.



I was wanting to bring in a really uplifting, loving energy into the space and these stones were just the thing. From left to right they are: Rhomboid Pink Calcite, Pink Tourmaline in Milky Quartz, raw Raspberry Quartz ( a dark kind of rose quartz), raw Garnet, and tumbled Rose Quartz.


After setting my space up all pretty like I pulled out the small block of rough wood scrap that I had found on the beach recently.  I have been looking forward to painting this and I had a few ideas run through my mind for it.  One was a theme on hearts and another was all flowery.  Neither ended up manifesting this afternoon though.  After several different layers of acrylic paint what finally emerged surprised me.

Blood Moon by Maurie Kirschner

Blood Moon by Maurie Kirschner

 It took me completely by surprise as I found it emerging from my fingertips – yes, it is primarily done with acrylic paint and my fingers.  This piece feels so powerful to me.  I wonder if it is emerging from having been following along on a series put together by Sara Avant Stover on Loving our Moon Cycles.  I’ve found much of what has been shared so far to be incredibly empowering and refreshing, perhaps this is some response to that?  Or perhaps it was emerging from what I was listening to as I painted – an interview with Dr. Mary Pritchard on loving ourselves and our bodies that was also incredibly powerful.  Maybe it’s a combination of both of those things and something more… that is most likely.  Whatever it is and where ever it came from I am quite pleased with the energy of it and with  my afternoon of art surprise.


5 responses to “An Afternoon of Art Surprise

  1. Maurie this is so beautiful! There is profound power in the moon being Bloody.. I REALLY identify with that. Thank you for sharing your artwork, it’s empowering.

    PS. I read your msg on my FB page twice!! Will respond in a bit, I’ve just been swamped, bare with me!!

    MUCH much love, so grateful for YOU!
    – Andy.

    • Andy – I’m so glad you feel it is empowering! Thanks for the response here and on my post on your facebook page – so happy we connected!

      • Likewise sweetie! I’m enjoying your posts, and am so thankful I get to see a little bit more of your world of magic that you create each and every day!

  2. Hi Maurie! I love the way you created a sacred space for creation. What a lovely intention! I love all the pink too!

    • Kim – Thanks! Setting up spaces like that makes the process that much more special for me – plus I get to play with nature’s beauty to do so!

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