Chakra Energies Event – So Worth Sharing!

There’s an event going on right now that I am finding so full of good and helpful information that I really wanted to share it.

Tamara from Pura Vida Crystals  and Andy Valkyrie Divine from Of Divine Essence have started a series of blog posts and videos that dive into the details of our Chakra system, spending several days on each Chakra.  The information they have shared so far has been wonderful and incredibly helpful in so many ways.  I wanted to point anyone who may be interested to this great event.  There are lots of ways to connect and I’m posting the links below.  There’s also a lot of great conversation happening on the Facebook pages in response to all the information being shared.

This is all free and very much worth the time to read and watch. I hope that others will enjoy and benefit from it as much as I am!

Here are the links:

Chakra Energy Facebook Event Page

Pura Vida Crystals Website

Of Divine Essence Website

Pura Vida Crystals Facebook Page

Of Divine Essence Facebook Page

Andy Valkyrie Divine’s You Tube Channel




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