Full Moon Dreamboard for January 2013

Dreamboards.   They keep coming up over and over in my reading and wanderings on the interweb.  I hear about them from e-courses, from the Create Your Incredible Life Workbook, from newsletters, from videos on you tube, on twitter… well I think I’m making my point.  They are everywhere!  So I finally took the hint and started the process.  I stalled though, I wasn’t really finding a lot of inspiration in the magazines as I browsed and was tired of all the ads I had to see along the way.  I needed another way.

Today I watched this video from Jamie Ridler and was pondering how I might do a simpler dream board.  Then in another video Jamie encourages those watching to try out what the little girl in the picture (below) is doing.  In the middle of laughing as I struck the pose a thought came to me – why not put together a dream board on Pinterest.  So off I went.

I opened up the animals category and immediately started feeling inspired.  I pinned and added brief words that the images were invoking me to dream.  Then, there in the middle of the animals board was that same picture of the little girl, completely out of place, yet so perfectly placed for me.  Synchronicity.  Love it.

expressing myself freely

Even more motivated now, I kept working through the process, searching different boards and eventually had a nice collection put together that felt complete.

I admit I felt a bit vulnerable putting such a thing on a public board, but there it is now and anyone who is interested can follow the following link to see it.


Keep Dreaming.


One response to “Full Moon Dreamboard for January 2013

  1. I like your dream board! The images are lovely, as are the titles.

    I’d also been hearing about dream boards everywhere I turned and had collected pictures but I didn’t want to spend money on supplies. My solution was less high tech than yours. I pinned them to my bulletin board with non-virtual thumb tacks.

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