Introducing The Tiny Idea – Part 2

In Part One of Introducing The Tiny Idea I pointed out that tiny houses had been on our radar for a while.  We were interested in them but there was still something missing that kept us from being sure. That something came to us while watching the video I put at the bottom of Part One. So what was the missing link, the puzzle piece that finally made it all click?


Up to that point we thought we would have to find some place to either buy or lease land to put a tiny home. Needing to choose where to settle was keeping us from embracing the idea. We didn’t know this until we watched that video and realized what was really calling to us on a deep level was the ability and freedom to explore. We discovered a need to not be tied down to one place or one job or one way of living.

I guess we have gypsy in our souls. When we saw that video of a tiny house traveling to places that called to the people’s spirits, it was like we finally gave ourselves permission to follow a dream we kept ignoring, kept thinking wasn’t possible, kept denying ourselves. A shift happened and all the what ifs and the doubts and the worries about how to make it work moved aside and we knew we could figure it all out along the way. With that shift the ideas, the excitement and the inspiration started pouring in.

So no, we don’t have it all figured out and we are OK with that. We have to be. I think that’s part of following a dream. We’ll work on the parts we do have figured out and trust the rest to come to us as we move forward. No, that won’t always be easy. But that’s OK too. Dreams are worth it.

There is a lot of work that needs to happen before we have a tiny house and hit the road. We have a lot of stuff that needs to be gone through and then gone through again and, yeah, probably again. We have debt to pay off. We have savings to build up. We have lots of learning ahead of us, about ourselves and about our relationship to stuff and what it takes to see a dream, we finally have dared to dream, come true. That’s what we have started working on while we keep our eyes, hearts and minds focused on The Tiny Idea.



4 responses to “Introducing The Tiny Idea – Part 2

  1. I love this … I’m going to be so anxious to follow along and see how you work it all out. What an exciting adventure!

  2. I’m so glad your looking forward to seeing the adventure of getting there – so are we!

  3. Have wifi, will travel! 🙂 It’s amazing what happens when we realize there are ways we’ve never even thought of moving forward in our lives, that will get us where we want to be, isn’t it? Kudos to you both!

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