Inspiration #3

These posts are so much fun to do and it reminds me that inspiration is everywhere!

This week’s inspiration starts out with a beautiful video of the releasing of a rehabilitated snowy owl – so moving!  Just look at the expressions on the spectators face!  I love how nature can move people so deeply!


What this guy does for was hard to really believe at first, but once I was sure it wasn’t some prank I was floored!  The patience and level of deep observation it must take to do this – wow!  You can see his website where it talks about what he does and even has a couple videos to show the method here.  I’m really curious if I could manage even a simple version of this.  This is one heck of an art form!

I was inspired by this woman’s decision and dedication to live a lifestyle that she feels is right for her.  You can read about it and even watch a short video here.

I’ll leave you with a beautiful quote on inspiration from Petrea Hansen 

“Those things outside of ourselves that seem to inspire us are really only reminders of what we have within.”
~Petrea Hansen Adamidis 




2 responses to “Inspiration #3

  1. Wow. I LOVE Emma and her hobbit house!

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