Inspiration #2

Here’s my second inspiration post.  It covers chemical-free living, fun ways to get exercise, beautiful oracle decks and more.  Enjoy!

I’m always working to get more chemicals out of my life, and I’ve been working at it for a long time.  But every once in a while I come across some new source of chemicals that I hadn’t considered.  This one surprised me, that I hadn’t considered it before.  I mean the coffee maker is plastic for one and secondly it is an electrical appliance which I know are loaded with nasty stuff like flame retardants.  So I was really happy when I saw this post from The soft Landing.  This inspired me to unplug the coffee maker and do something I had already been thinking of doing for a while – simplify my appliances by having a perk pot  that would work for coffee and as a tea kettle.  I ordered this lovely stainless steel perk pot by Farberware along with a glass top piece to replace the plastic piece it comes with.

I loved this new fitness routine idea!  I am so going to be doing this!  Plus the video is just fun!

I’m finding all sorts of inspiration from my new Faerie Guidance Oracle by Paulina Cassidy.  Beautiful artwork, though provoking and insightful writing – it’s just lovely!

This is a section of a poem  titled The Rhythm by Tara Sophia Mohr. It was shared by Joanna Powell Colbert of Gaian Soul in her recent Gaian Soul Winter e-course (also very inspiring).  This section of the poem spoke to me on a deep level that brought tears stinging to my eyes.

What if,
during the quiet times, 
when the idea flow is hushed and hard to find
you trusted (and yes I mean trusted)
that the well was filling, the waters moving?

What if you trusted
that for the rest of eternity,
without prodding, without self-discipline,
without getting over being yourself,
you would be gifted every ounce of productivity you need?


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