Inspiration #1

Over the past several weeks I have come across several things that have moved me, inspired me and made me smile.  I want to start sharing these things here, so I present the Inspiration post #1.

I can’t recall where I first heard of Chameli Ardagh, only that her picture was one among several women on a website and there was just something about her that drew me.  So I searched her out on the internet and came across her TED-Talk titled The Fierce Face of the Feminine.  I get chills just recalling watching this.  She and this talk seriously rocked my world.


This post on The Tiny Life Website really makes some great points and gets you to thinking.  What will you trade for one day of your life?

Petrea Hansen gives some great advise on how to work past the things that keep us from creating in Creative Saboteurs.

I am so proud of my friend Yancy from Five Seed for her incredible bravery in all that she has shared and posted over the past year and it looks like she’s stepping it up and bringing another even bigger taboo topic to the table:  Money, Debt, Truth & Change.  It is so time for this!  With so many people struggling with these issues it’s time to stop the silence and help each other find solutions that work for each of us, it’s time to start thinking and living differently!  My husband and I are stepping out in a new direction concerning lifestyle and finances as well… inspired, in part from wanting to be and live debt free yet live the life we really dream of.  I’ll be sharing more on that soon.

Finally I’ll leave you with a few words from my favorite Buddhist and Mindfulness teacher, Thich Nhat Hanh, as quoted in an interview with him in the January issue of Shambhala Sun:

“The future depends on the present,
so if we put all our hearts into
what we are doing here and now,
hope is always there.”


2 responses to “Inspiration #1

  1. Thank you for the link love, Maurie!! ❤

  2. You are very welcome, Yancy! What you wrote was so inspiring in its honesty!

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