Reflecting on 2012


I’ve got a pile of old journals from the past year sitting next to me and a notebook in my lap to make notes on the past years themes, its ups, its downs and its in betweens.

I was motivated to this activity when I realized I couldn’t readily answer the questions in  the 2012 reflections section of my recently purchased and printed 2013 Create your Incredible Year work book.  It felt like it had been a long year and I needed to revisit it to get clarity.  I’m really grateful I was moved to do so.


The 2013 Create your Incredible Year Notebook by Leonie Dawson had come across my radar several different times from several different places and then an extra several times from one place (thanks Arwin!).  I finally decided I’d give it a go.  New things are a foot for the coming year and maybe this will help me be more mindful in my approach to it.

In the mean time I take these last days before Solstice to read my old words – laugh, tear up, sigh and wonder why I didn’t write more poetry, because the ones I did write made me smile.

I’ll leave you with one of those poems written on January 29th of 2012.

two, four, six, eight
ears pointed towards the kitchen
refrigerator opens
plates clatter
scraping of food from a can
thundering paws
one, two, three, four
tails swishing on linoleum


3 responses to “Reflecting on 2012

  1. This is really cool – looks like something I’ll have to get for both personal & work as I figure out what I want 2013 to look like. At the end of last year, I saw an article in a magazine that had 15-20 really hard questions I had to answer about what I wanted for myself in the coming year – not just things to happen but for how I want to feel and how I can get there. I found it a month or so ago after forgetting all about it and was amazed at how many of the goals had been realized, when I didn’t even have a real plan on how to get to some of them. The big ones? Being self employed. Allowing myself to be vulnerable in love. I did both 🙂

  2. I have eight ears and four tails as well. 😀 they don’t all line up but the poem was delightful! If folks want to get this, they can also use I’m an affiliate so it helps me. Maurie, if you are an affiliate, remove/edit my comment and put up your own affiliate link, woman! 😀

  3. Thunder paws! Perfect. (I have kitties, too.)

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