A Little Knitting Project

 Several weeks ago I picked up the yarn, Malabrigo sock yarn in fresco y seco color, from   Bad Woman Yarn in Wallingford.  I also got the pattern for the fingerless gloves at the same time, Quinault by Marjorie Walter, as well as the size 1 (yikes) bamboo needles.  To complete my supplies for this project I was needing some stitch markers and I was determined to find some great handmade ones, preferably local.  I scored when I came across gtbg on Etsy.  She’s here in in Seattle and she makes the cutest hand sculpted stitch markers I have ever laid eyes on!  I love these!  I ordered a pair of penguins, a mushroom and owl combo and she threw in one of the adorable little pea pods as an extra!  What”s even cooler about that is that the pea pods were another of my favorites when I was looking through her shop!

So now I have all my supplies and I can’t wait to sit down and try my hand at this pattern.   This is probably the most complex pattern I’ve done before and on the smallest needles, so it should keep me entertained for many many hours, I only hope I don’t go cross-eyed!






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