Since Summer Solstice

Summer.  What a glorious time of year.

Summer started off with two rituals this year.  The first was on Solstice eve.  mark and I snagged a fire ring at our local beach, dined on delicious picnic fare, people watched, skipped stones, dipped our feet in the waters edge and were blown away by the sunset that seemed to never end.  We lit a fire, reflected on the past season and said goodbye to Lady Spring before talking about our hopes and dreams for the coming Summer.  We drummed, sang, played flutes and celebrated the turning of the wheel.

The next day we made our way to The Washington Arboretum for a beautiful group ritual with local Druid friends.  Under a canopy of oaks and other majestic trees we celebrated and honored the season of Summer and all that is connected to it. Then shared a picnic dominated by strawberries, strawberries and more strawberries!  We continued the celebration in fine Druid style with song, poetry, stories and laughter!

Both my home and journal have been touched with Summer as well.  Here are some pictures from my journal of a simple collage on what I want out of my summer followed by a few pictures of the Summer Altar in the living room.

I’ve been busy since Solstice.  I’ve wandered local parks and trails wild crafting sweet Wild Nootka Rose and St John’s Wort.  I’ve munched a good share of wild Salmonberries, Thimbleberries, and Red Huckleberries.  I’ve Played with neighborhood cats, watched ducklings grow up and harvested strawberries, peas, greens, onions, and new potatoes from my garden.  I’ve visited local farmer’s markets and brought home delicious bounty.  I’ve watched my yard and p-patch burst into bloom and I’ve delighted in seeing the Black Garbanzos in my garden go from dainty tendril and bloom to fuzzy little pods filled with treasure!  And on July 7th I had my first swim in a lake of the year – glorious!  Here’s to a joy filled, relaxing and bountiful summer season for all!


One response to “Since Summer Solstice

  1. yay! this makes me happy. Gorgeous sunset photos!

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