Trash and Treasures

Beach Trash 2/29/12

The above is a picture of the TRASH I collected off of a couple small sections of North and South Alki in only a few minutes.

So what’s the TREASURE?  The fact that these parks exist.  That they are there for me and everyone else to enjoy.  That they provide habitat for birds and sea creatures too numerous to count.  These parks are treasures just as every park, public land, and wild space  out there are treasures.  Treasures we should never forget to… treasure.


2 responses to “Trash and Treasures

  1. Writings and Ramblings

    Very nicely put. It’s a crying shame that our TREASURES get TRASHed (in every sense of the word!)

  2. Gabe Dude O'Nogger

    Debris from the tsunami is supposed to arrive soon, as well.

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