Recent Herbal Dabblings

During my blogging hiatus and all through this last year I worked on deepening and reconnecting to my herbalist practices.   I went to the Bastyr Herbal Fair  back in June, The Northwest Herbal Fair in August and started wild crafting again and obtaining locally grown herbs to  once again start making my own tinctures, infused oils and dried herbs.  I studied and practiced Plant Spirit Medicine more and more and made my first few flower essences.

I dedicated one under the eaves closet to drying and storing my preparations.  I just recently started pressing out some of my tinctures and infused oils.  I’m integrating some of my wild crafted and locally grown dry herbs into my  much consumed herbal teas.

My favorite blend right now is a calming, soothing and nourishing to the nervous system blend of Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Linden, and Oat Straw.  Sometimes I throw in a little rose petals and/or mint.  It’s a delicious and amazingly effective cuppa.

My skin is getting some loving care as well from all my herbal dabblings.  I had harvested Wild Nootka Rose early in the summer and a large amount went into a jar and was covered by organic olive oil.  I recently pressed that out and poured off some into a small jar, added a small piece of split vanilla bean and am using it as my moisturizer for face, neck and chest.  It is so lovely.  It leaves the skin feeling soft and satiny and it’s helping a lot from the cool weather drying out that hits me every year.

My herbal allies spoil me so!


One response to “Recent Herbal Dabblings

  1. happy thanksgiving, amiga 🙂 love the olive oil moisturizer with essence…hmm, perhaps you and miz yancy should team up? 🙂

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