Local Barley For The Win!

I love finding locally and organically produced treasures.  This Sunday, at the West Seattle Farmer’s Market I found just that.

Biodynamic Boutique is a local organic grain producer from Whidbey Island.  That means I can get beautiful, healthy, whole barley, kamut, and hard red wheat well within a hundred miles from where I live.  That is something to support!

I started by buying the two pound bag of whole Purple Tibetan Barley.  I was impatient to try it out, so I didn’t bother soaking my first batch (a technique that makes the nutrients even more available in grains).  Instead I put 1 cup of well rinsed beautiful barley (the color really is amazing!) into the crock pot with
2 1/2cups of filtered water.  I put it on low and set it for about 7 hours.  I was looking forward to a delicious new whole grain porridge for breakfast and I wasn’t disappointed!  It cooked up a little like a risotto, yet with plenty of texture still.  It was sweet, nutty and heaven in the mouth.  I added a little butter, half a fresh date chopped up and a little milk.  Yum!

I did have a little sticking along the edges in my crock pot, so I plan on adding a bit more water next time.  I’m looking forward to exploring all I can do with this wonderful barley.  I’m pondering a pumpkin barley risotto with fried sage, barley mushroom soup, and lots more breakfast barley porridge!


2 responses to “Local Barley For The Win!

  1. Thank you, it is so good to get this excellent feedback and inspiration for recipes and how to use these precious grains. A lot of effort has gone into bring this to market, and the warm reception is very important for us producers, reading your post has made my day, may the barley keep us healthy and happy for a long time, and may we keep sharing delicious recipes with each other, that’s what it’s all about!

  2. Dang! Missed out on First comment!

    It was wonderful and a fantastic find. Props to the farmer/vendor. When I put my thumb through the cellulose “window” on the bag, rather than just helping find another container/package, they replaced the whole package outright!

    Great folks, and great grain!

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