Food on Friday

We did pretty well working from the produce bin this last week.  I ran out of salad makings a couple days shy, though, and that was tough, since I wasn’t going to let myself go buy more.  Lets just say that when I got more yesterday in the new box I feasted on salad big time!  We still have some beats and chard left over from last week that we will try to work into meal plans this week.

One of the meals we had this past week turned out to be a delicious discovery.  I cooked up some lentils with just water and a myrtle leaf (similar to bay).  Then I chopped up the collards into smaller pieces, put them in my huge cast iron skillet with some olive oil and sauteed them just long enough to get them to wilt down a little, making room for a diced yam which got tossed in with them along with a little salt, a little more olive oil and some cayenne pepper.  That got put in the oven uncovered at 375 degrees F till the yam was mostly cooked through.  I stirred in the lentils and a couple cloves of pressed garlic and put the whole thing back in the oven till heated through.  We had this over rice and I was told this was something we should definitely make again.  There were also quite a bit of leftovers from this dish and at one point to add a little moisture back in while warming up in the oven, we put a bit of coconut oil on top to work in.  This made the dish sing!  So next time I make something like this I plan on using a mixture of olive and coconut oil.  It doesn’t look like much but it sure is delicious!

When I ran out of salad makings I had to get creative for my lunch, a lunch where I couldn’t have any grain.  That challenge led me to another tasty combination that I had never done before – Broccoli and Red Chard.  I sauteed some onion and celery in olive oil, then added some red pepper flake, broccoli, several red chard leaves and some garlic.  At the end I added a handful of hazelnuts to the mix and called it lunch.  Yum!

We made up another batch of the Corn Quinoa Chowder I wrote about recently, which was once again delicious, especially on the second day where the flavors got to blend.

So there are just some of the highlights of what we feasted on this past week using the produce from our New Roots Organics veggie bin.

Here’s what the bin this week looks like:

Green Cabbage
Baby Bok Choy
Broccoli x2
Red Butter Lettuce x2
Russet Potatoes
Red Bell Peppers
2 Lemons
3 Minneola Tangelos
1 Navel Orange
4 Bananas

We doubled up on broccoli (Mark’s favorite veggie) and lettuce (one of my favorite veggies and in hopes of not running out of salad makings again!) this week.  We also had to supplement this box with some avocados from the store since they weren’t available this week through New Roots.

Last night we cooked up a batch of one of our favorite dishes, Roasted Parsnips and Cabbage, which you can read about here, and had lots and lots of salad with it.  The Parsnips were so sweet I felt like I was having cake or something!

I’m looking forward to another huge salad for lunch, but I still haven’t come up with what we’ll have for dinner yet… I’ll let you know in next weeks Food on Friday.

Bell Pepper with Funny Face


One response to “Food on Friday

  1. The lentils and yam look delish! What a fantastic lunch. Also, don’t you love unpacking your bins? It is like Christmas morning.

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