10th Anniversary – Part 3 – Cannon Beach

After our very wet hike on Friday we headed north to Cannon Beach looking for a sit down coffee shop where we could dry out and warm up.  We weren’t having much luck finding what we were looking for, one place was closed, and the other didn’t look very sit down cozy like.  So we ended up going to the small local history museum to start with.  It was free, which was a very nice bonus since we were on a super tight budget and still hoping for a warm coffee eventually.  We spent just shy of a couple hours walking through the museum, learning some fun history of the area.  My favorite story was about a woman who’s husband had been the mail carrier  but also had other things he had to do as well.  She finally convinced him to let her carry the mail and she did so with a horse who had a hankering to eat clay along the trail.  Here are a couple pics from that section of the museum.

I’m an adventurous sort and in another time and with better health I would have been this kind of lady – doing whatever it took to get a break from the monotony of housework and to get a little adventure.  I think people like Lewis and Clark, John Muir, and other explorers (and naturalists) of past times had the best jobs ever.  Of course I don’t agree with the methods of all those early explorers or the way some of them treated the native people of the lands they explored.  But still, the excitement of constant new discovery, never knowing what was around the next bend, all that appeals to me in deep ways.  So I love reading stories about people who lead lives like that, especially women who were outside their time in the things they did.  This museum had some good writers and designers working together to make it a very interesting place to visit and if anyone reading this is ever in the area, I do highly recommend it.  Here’s their website.

After the museum we tried finding a cozy coffee spot again and finally just gave into finding some hot coffee.  We took our coffee and parked the car near the beach and sat watching the mist and low clouds move over the water and make haystack rock appear and disappear.  Mark read his book for a while.  I watched birds and did little sketches and made notes in my sketch journal.  It was during that time that I tried to sketch something we had seen a little earlier when driving up to a look out to see if the tide was out enough for a walk on the beach yet.  I had to apologize to all eagles everywhere due to the sketch, but these pictures capture the moment pretty well, including how thick the mist was.

The eagle in the above pictures was standing only twenty feet or so away from where we pulled up and was eating the remains of a bird.  I saw it tear off a chunk of meat and swallow it down while Mark took the pictures.  The eagle was sopping wet and was being harassed by gulls.  It  eventually picked up the bird carcass and flew further down the beach.  What an awesome bit of nature in the raw to see up close.

After finishing those coffees we did finally head out for a walk on the beach and within moments of getting out of the car the slight break in the rain and mist passed nad we were getting drenched all over again.  It was pointless trying to use my binoculars so there were many mystery birds flying in and around haystack rock that I never got to be sure of what they were.  Though, I believe I did hear some Black Turnstones and there was one Canada Goose floating about in one of the large tide pools, which was a little odd to see.  We managed a couple pics but then the camera had to be put safely out of the rain again.

As I walked along the beach we picked up trash and Mark and I stuffed it in our pockets till we could get back to a trash can.  The amount of plastic trash, small and large on the beaches during our visit was heart breaking.  I plan on sharing more about that in another post and share some pictures too.

In the mean time I will share that the lack of cozy place to sit and have organic coffee got both of us to thinking about what it would be like to fill that niche somewhere in the north coast area, maybe even Cannon Beach.  We talked about what we would do, what the place would be like, who would do what, how we would make things awesome and green and cozy and relaxing and fun.  We dreamed quite a bit and since we got back we’ve talked about it several more times.  It’s not a now thing, but who knows – it could be a future thing… because anyone who has been to the Oregon Coast in the winter and pretty much any time of the year knows that there are plenty of days where a cozy place for yummy beverages is just what’s needed – a place to dry out our webbed feet!


2 responses to “10th Anniversary – Part 3 – Cannon Beach

  1. that’s a great idea. it’s funny, cb is so spendy for lodging yet there really aren’t that many great places to eat/sip there. i loved the old cannon beach cookie co for the cinnamon rolls but ever since they remodeled it into a restaurant i’ve not been as entranced…

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