A Tenth Anniversary Trip – Part 1

I am seriously missing the Oregon Coast.  That’s where I was fortunate enough to spend a few days recently to celebrate my 10th wedding anniversary.  A place I hadn’t gotten to spend time at in way to long and a place where I used to spend a a great deal of time in the past.  It is a special place to me, a place where I feel the most at home than anywhere else I have been.  It doesn’t matter where on the Oregon coast either, really.  Though I do have a few places I might call favorites.  The fact that I was able to share one of those places with my husband for our anniversary was a very special treat – for both of us!

Now, this wasn’t a typical winter time anniversary celebration, as it might be for the majority of people in our culture.  Most people, when they think ‘anniversary celebration at the ocean’ they most likely envision a cozy suite in a nice hotel or a cottage rental near the beach or something similar.  A fireplace, a comfy bed with soft sheets and fluffy comforters.  Maybe some room service.

Well our get away didn’t look anything like that.  We did have a fire, which was in a metal fire pit.  Sheets and  comforters were replaced by winter weight sleeping bags.  The “roof” over our home away from home was a giant blue tarp strung between shore pines and a good rain proof four season tent.  Yep, we went camping.  In winter.  For our anniversary.  And we loved it!

And I miss it.  I miss being outside more.  I miss the lack of distractions, the mass to do lists that come with having a house and lots of stuff.  I miss the camp fires at night where we sat staring into the flames till our eyes began to droop, oh a little before 9pm.  I miss falling asleep easily to the sound of rain on the tent and waking up really early in the morning to moonlight so bright it seemed like dawn was already there, though it was still a couple hours off.  I miss watching it grow lighter, waiting for it to be light enough to take off hiking.

I miss the long walk (several miles round trip) down the beach in my bare feet (yes bare feet in winter – I was at the beach!).   Walking from our campsite at Nehalem Bay State Park down to the wonderful little village of Manzanita where we put our shoes back on to walk a couple blocks to the natural food store.  There we got some bulk oatmeal and bulk cinnamon so we could walk back to camp in the now gloriously sunny day to have second breakfasts of what I woke up craving earlier that morning.  The first time I hadn’t taken oatmeal with me camping and I end up craving it, lesson learned.  Organic coffees in hand we make our way back down the beach, I run in and out of the surf a bit, my feet once again bare.  I am in my element.  I am at home.

And I was sad.  Sad, because in a few hours we would have to take down our little tarp and tent home and head back.  When all I really wanted was a few things, like my bed and my cats and to stay – forever.

I’ll leave you with a few videos and pictures till I post again with more details of our trip.  Like the day it rained so hard our waterproof everything just couldn’t hold up and we were drenched, but happy – no other soul around as we hiked in a magnificent rain drenched coastal forest.  And many other fun little adventures…

This first video is of me playing with Madame Ocean – we missed each other!  I apologize if you get a little dizzy watching the beginning of this, my husband learned that walking with the camera on video isn’t all that easy!

And a little fire to warm up by afterwards:

A happily married couple at the beach…


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