I was afraid I was going to have a Laura Ingalls  moment  as I was walking along the beach near my home.  A moment like the one where when she first saw the lake and all the pretty pebbles she filled her pocket so full of pretty pebbles that it eventually tore and her treasures went scattering everywhere.  Thankfully my raincoat pockets are a bit stronger.  Between the two of them I brought home 1pound 10 ounces of sea glass!  All of that was collected in only a few hundred feet of beach.  It was as if the beach birthed up an amazing collection of sea glass.  It was as if someone decided to scatter their amazing collection back onto the beach for others to have the joy of finding it all over again.  I don’t know what really brought that much beach glass, but I had a blast collecting it.  I left half again what I collected and that was just of what I saw, so there was probably plenty more than that left behind that I just didn’t see.  And it wasn’t just small pieces, either.  There were huge chunks, many great shapes, several with interesting writing on them  – one piece says “REFILL PROHIBITED” – and several beautiful and unusual colors, one was this unusual olive green color I don’t recall ever seeing before.  It was like a sea glass hunters heaven!  And my pockets survived!

Speaking of Sea Glass there is a book I checked out from the library before that is a great book for sea glass enthusiasts.  I don’t have my own copy, though I sure would love one – someday maybe.  If you like Sea Glass you should definitely check it out.

Happy Treasure Hunting!


2 responses to “Treasure

  1. Oh, I just adore sea glass … it’s as though the ocean lovingly caressed the glass into soft shapes. And I’m fascinated by the idea that this lovely little treasure began as something else. Your collected pieces are beautiful! What a “find”.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh! That makes my heart sing…

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