A Three Year Old Goes to the “Fish Museum”

Pretty soon shoulder rides by Aunt Maurie aren't going to be possible - that kiddo is getting big!

My nephew Caleb recently turned three, but this story starts back in October, when his brother, Connor,  turned six.  We had taken Connor to the Seattle Aquarium for his birthday.  You can read about that adventure here.  When he got home and his little brother, then two, heard about what Connor got to do, he informed everyone that he was going to go to the “fish museum” with Aunt Maurie and Uncle Mark for his birthday- this bit of news got back to us, thanks to my mother-in-law.  So when Caleb’s birthday finally rolled around we made sure to get him to the “fish museum” to celebrate.  We all had a blast and we all slept hard later!

We arrived in time to watch the divers!

Caleb checks out what it would be like to be an octopus.

It looked like so much fun, Aunt Maurie had to try too.

Then of course you have to try being a jelly fish.

Uncle Mark trying to keep up with a three year old - short legs can go real fast!

A happy three year old.

Uncle Mark and Caleb taking some time to pose for the camera.

Caleb found the shelf of books so we had to have story time. It was about someone with a grass toupe - silly!

It's a hug an Orca time!

Caleb and Uncle Mark play, "Let's ride an Orca!" Thankfully not the real kind!

Caleb admires his new Orca friend. Before we went outside he wanted to make sure it was protected so it wouldn't get wet - no wet Orcas here!

A little running around outside the aquarium before meeting up with Grammy and Grandpa to go play with legos and give Aunt Maurie a chance to sit still and eat her lunch!

PS – Taking pictures of a three year old with energy is like trying to take pictures of flitty little birds – a lot of them come out blurry!


One response to “A Three Year Old Goes to the “Fish Museum”

  1. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures! Looks like a lot of fun, but I understand the tired part, too!

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