Thursday 13 -Take Two

In which I list 13 things I have learned recently:

1.  If ever I wish to give a gift to a Buddhist Monk I know to look for Burgundy Socks.  This bit of wisdom came to me during our first visit to the Kadampa Meditation Center last Sunday, where the Monk was teaching on the precepts of giving and used some hilarious stories about things he has received over the years – both useful, such as men’s burgundy socks (which are supposedly very hard to find) and downright silly such as a comb.

2.  That if you eat too many raw spiralized zucchini noodles in one sitting your gut is likely to rebel.  I’ll spare you the details on this one!

3. That if you cut out fruit from your diet while fighting Candida, and you love fruit you are likely to have vivid tormenting dreams about fruit.  Sigh.

4. That making sushi is not really so hard after all!  This means I can have avocado and cucumber rolls again, minus the  sugars that most places add to the rice – YUMM!

5. That it feels really good to clean out the messy catch-all drawer in the kitchen.  Especially when your husband is so happy about it he keeps walking up and giving you hugs and saying thank you over  and over.

6.  That getting off a half hour earlier can mean getting home an hour earlier – and that extra hour my husband is home is damn nice!

7.  That you can grow to care for your online and blogging friends enough that when they are stomped on it can bring tears to your eyes and make you really pissed, I mean REALLY pissed.   At the same time I continue to be moved and inspired by the open and honest writing of my blog friend EcoGrrl, through it all.

8.  That two hours with a three year old is damn exhausting – but way fun!  Thanks to my nephew Caleb for this bit of wisdom.

9.  That the lessons of life from Mama-Om that often come from parenting can easily be applied to the lives of non-parents (such as myself) in so many ways.  I am truly inspired by her mindful way of life and the way she shares it with others.

10. That I miss pretty tablecloths, especially vintage ones.  I was reminded of this by a recent post from Jeanne at Collage of Life who discovered that a tablecloth on the table can wield a potent bit of magic.

11.  That sometimes the best gift you can give someone is taking the time to get to know them well enough to know what will truly make their souls sing.

12.  That simplifying is hard work.

13.  That there is this odd phenomena where people that are sport fanatics always seem to assume that everyone else is as big a sport fanatic as they are.  Sometimes you just have to smile and nod, because they just can’t seem to comprehend that you didn’t see or follow such and such game.  Oy.


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3 responses to “Thursday 13 -Take Two

  1. Simplifying is complicated. Some people think we all love sports. I have news.

  2. aww, sniffle sniffle 🙂 thank you thank you my friend!!!!!!

    and i love old vintage tablecloths too! this year will be my year to trek around and visit my bloggy sistas 🙂

  3. Online friends can become another type of family if you’re open to it. Sorry that bad things have happened with your digital loved ones.
    Good luck on that simplification!

    Happy TT,
    13 PsiCorps Terms

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