A Snow Filled 40th

This past Sunday was my husband’s 40th birthday.  Being a man of simple pleasures he didn’t want a big celebration or a huge crowd of people or any such fan fare.  He just wanted to go up to the mountains, just him and me, put the dusty snowshoes on and stomp about in a winter wonderland.  So for the first time in far too many years we went snowshoeing – something we used to do once or twice a winter month in years past and often with a big heavy backpack on for snowshoe backpacking.  Some of our best back country stories came from those times and we figured it was about time to start creating some new story filled time and what better time than the beginning of my husband’s 5th decade.

We started out slow and simple, with a 1 1/2 hour stomp in the area to the north of Snoqualmie pass off of I90.  That 1 1/2 hours felt like 20 minutes to us.  We were so happy to be back out there among the snow covered trees and snowcapped peaks with a brilliant blue sky over head, time seemed to fly.  And though it was 14 degrees when we got back to the car as the sun was beginning to set we were already planning our next trip up to play int he snow!

Here are some pictures from Sunday’s adventure.


4 responses to “A Snow Filled 40th

  1. Hey, she’s pretty cute! Too bad she’s taken!


    Was a great day out. Hope to repeat it SOON!

  2. happy 40th to the man who makes my blog sista so happy! and i’m in agreement with him – i love the simple things on my birthday!!

  3. Loved the pictures! Glad you had such a great day in the snow to celebrate a new decade commencing.

  4. Absolutely beautiful, breathtaking images! What a blessed way to spend the day 🙂

    So good to see you at TFSC, thank you for stopping by there!!

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