My First Thursday 13

In which I list 13 things I wish I could give to my husband for his birthday.

1. A haircut

2. A “get out of debt” free card

3. A wheel rebuild with generator lights for his bike.

4. A trip to the Methow Valley for a long weekend of snowshoeing from hut to hut.

5. Me – 100% healthy.

6. One of the two bicycle calendars he was drooling over.

7. The perfect work and commute schedule.

8. Every Terry Brooks book he hasn’t read.

9. Really good binoculars so he can see the birdies as well as I do.

10. A yoga studio membership.

11. A lifetime supply of delicious organic beer.

12. A certain future which holds backpacking or camping trips every month.

13. A house elf.


Happy 40th on January 2nd, Mark Kirschner!  I really do hope it’s the thought that counts…

Thursday 13


5 responses to “My First Thursday 13

  1. Awww….thank you…

    How did you know my vision was blurry this morning due to hair in my eyes?


  2. Oh yeah…I’ll take all 13, thankyouverymuch!

    I love you too!

  3. Mark is quite lucky! Five is a great one and I hope to give my own husband-like-person that as well for his birthday in April. And we can all use #13 *smile*

    Happy TT and Happy New Year!
    13 New Year’s Wishes

  4. Great list. Maybe you could pick one. I’m on close to my 300th Thirteen Thursday!

  5. Aww very nice. I hope Mark has a Happy Birthday, but I’m thinking with a wife like you, it’s a given.
    Happy New Year!

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