Winter Birds

Sanderlings, Constellation Park

I look forward to the late fall and winter for all the birds that come back to stay the winter with us.  They’re the species that you grow used to, fond of and can often have the most time enjoying, because, unlike the spring and summer migrants they aren’t hiding away while nesting.  Winter birds seem to be out in the open more while they busily go about eating.  The woodland birds are more visible as they move about in mixed flocks among leafless deciduous trees and the deep green conifers.  The water birds seem to hang out closer to land and I can observe them closely with my bare eyes and binoculars and not spend time wishing I had a scope.  The shore birds return to the beaches, running up and down the sand and rocks, chattering in their cute little languages and taking off in tight flight formations along the water and back tot he shore again.

Winter birds aren’t bothered by winter weather so I am just as likely to see them on a sunny day or on the days when it is windy and rainy and I know I need to brave the weather to get much needed time outside.  They keep me company either way and they inspire me to bundle up and get myself outside even when I really just want to curl up under piles of blankets and kitties.  Winter Birds are good for me.

Merlin at Lincoln Park

Northern Pintail, male, Washington Park Arboretum

American Mallards, Washington Park Arboretum

American Mallard, female, Washington Park Arboretum

American Mallard, male, Washington Park Arboretum

Sanderlings, Constellation Park

Sanderlings Constellation Park

Double-crested Cormorants, Cormorant Cove

Double-crested Cormorant with fish off Alki Beach

American Wigeons and American Coots Sammamish Lake State Park

Gull sp. at Lincoln Park. This gull has me stumped. In nearly every way it looks like a Glaucous-Winged Gull, except for the bit of black on its bill. A hybrid of some sorts, I just don't know.

Black Turnstones , Alki Beach

Black Turnstones in flight, Alki Beach

Harlequin Duck, male, Constellation Park

Barrow's Goldeneyes, males and females, Constellation Park


3 responses to “Winter Birds

  1. not sure if i already told you this it but when i was in england i saw magpies and thought of you! only because it was a bird i’d never seen in person before – for some reason i assumed they had all the same birds as us, hahaha. (although they sure did have pigeons like us, hehe)

  2. great shots, especially the sanderlings and pintails.


  3. I just felt so excited reading this post for some reason. Birds! Birds! Beautiful birds that have blessed you with their presence, and you’re sharing them with us!

    And also, I’ve been to so many of the places you list, perhaps even seen the same birds.

    Small, beautiful world! 🙂

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