Goraw Product Review

The anti-candida diet gives me up to two servings of grain a day, which means that I have to find grain-free snack alternatives.  They can’t have fruits or sweetening of any sorts and they have to be gluten and yeast free as well.  Oh and organic – that’s my standard for eating.  Even in the big local natural food stores, this can be a challenge to find.  A big challenge.  So when I found a couple Goraw Flax Snax products that met all my standards, I snagged them up.

The cost of between 4-5 dollars per small package is pretty pricey; but, frankly, I’m used to pure organic foods costing a bit and I make the sacrifices (like not going to the movies or going out or having cable) that are needed to make it possible to pay for the purest food I can get.

I picked up the pizza and spicy flavors and I opened both bags before I pulled away from the store.  I was pleasantly surprised about the crispy, yet easy to chew texture of the flax snax.  They had a nice nutty flavor.  The seasonings were mild and not as strong as I’m used to finding in chips and crackers.  But the subtlety was nice for a change.   I could see these being good in so many ways.  But for now I have simply eaten them plain and crumbled up on my giant lunch time salads.  The latter is a nice change from the typical sprinkling of sunflower seeds that normally adorn my salads.  Variety is nice.

They are good for you to.  Unlike a lot of really salty, fat laden, scary additive enhanced (even in the “natural” and organic products, think things like yeast extract which shows up way to often in organic food products and has a make up much like MSG and similar effects) crunchy snacks out there.  These are made from pure sprouted seeds, that have plenty of protein and healthy nutrients, and pure spices.  A win in my book, any day.

Eventually I hope to try making something similar and thus reduce my cost output and have fun with the “do it yourself” way.  In the mean time I am glad to have found these products and look  forward to trying a few more by this company, some of which will have to wait till I can have fruits again – something to look forward to.


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