Giving in a Different Light

Nearly every Holiday that is celebrated this time of year has at least some form of gift giving with in its traditions.  This means that everywhere people are trying to figure out what to give those closest to them and sometimes figuring that out can be a big burden especially among those that are currently unemployed or simply finding that there funds don’t stretch as far as they use to.  We feel so fortunate that Mark has a job, something he did not have a couple years ago and this to us is one of our biggest blessings.  But we know that just because someone has a job does not mean that the financial burden is lifted either.  Things are tight for a lot of people these days and  this year as we enter into the Holiday season, my husband and I have been trying to think of ways to give meaningful gifts and do so with very little funds.  I know we are not the only ones out there this year that find themselves in a similar situation.  We know several people that are unemployed right now or that are just barely making it by financially.

I was looking through my copy of Kindling the Celtic Spirit by Mara Freeman, in search for interesting tidbits about various Celtic traditions surrounding this season and came across a section that I found to be a wonderful piece of advice.  I would like to share it here in hope that this little meditation may lighten the burden of gift giving and instead help people find a way to give from a place of peace.

Giving from the Inside Out

In Celtic clan-based societies, gift giving arose
simply and naturally out of a love of family
and concern for the old woman in the glen
who couldn’t afford a good dinner.  Reduce
holiday season stress by giving from a place of
peace.  This means that instead of looking
“out there” and getting dazzled by the over-
whelming array of consumer items on offer,
sit down quietly in your sacred space, tune
into one person at a time, and allow your
intuition to tell you what he or she really
needs from you.  This may just as likely turn
out to be a nonphysical as a physical item.
Don’t forget to include in your thoughts
needy people in your community and also
wild birds and animals.  Giving from the
“inside out” will deepen and enrich this
season for both the giver and receiver.

I would love to add to this sage piece of advice to think of giving from what and where you can and not to focus on what you can not do or give.  This helps a person give from a place of love and peace instead of stress and tension.  I would love to go into greater detail on ideas of what you may have on hand to give with out even shopping or what non-physical items to consider as possibilities but since my own family reads this blog I would be giving away all my surprises and we can’t have that!

May everyone have a wonder Holiday full of peace and love!


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3 responses to “Giving in a Different Light

  1. Awwww…c’mon share! 😉

    Very nice way to look at it. We so often hear “it’s the thought that counts.” This really takes it to another level – beyond the “what would so-and-so like?”

  2. Hi Maurie … I’m so happy to see you and this lovely new blog .. which is wonderful! I’m going to add you to my side bar so that I don’t miss a thing!

    On this topic … I’ve read many books on mindful living and in one of them (I can’t remember which), the author suggested that we give a gift to another every day … and the gifts were things like a smile, a touch of understanding, a small wish that the other have peace in their day … things like that. Your post reminds me of that. Sometimes a simple kindness is the best gift of all … and should never be forgotten as a valuable offering. Thanks, so much, for the reminder!

    Take care, my friend … I’ve missed you! 🙂

  3. Such a lovely posting for this season – I have this book by Mara and you are inspiring me to look through it for thoughts of a more Celtic nature for this season.

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