Simple Woman’s Daybook #2

For Today…

Outside my window…darkness.  But as the last touches of sunlight turned the hill a rosy pink I heard the squawk of a heron and wondered if it was welcoming my husband home.

I am thinking…how silly one of my cats is as she repeatedly bumps her head against the coffee table and wanders about meowing.

I am thankful for…the beautiful day today and that I found the courage inside me to post a poem that touched on my shadow side.

From the kitchen…pots and pans clanging and water running as Mark prepares pesto with the last of the basil from our garden.

I am learning… the I Ching.  I received the book today as part of a package of treasures from a friend and sent time this afternoon learning about it and trying it out.  Very nice way of tapping into some deeper insights.

I am wearing…my black leggings which I find funny, because I believe I was wearing them the last time I did a daybook post.  But I am wearing a different top – the purple long sleeve tee with a swallow design across the right side.

I am creating…a positive mind.

I am going…to continue to practice the Buddhist meditations on loving kindness and mindfulness as I incorporate them into my regular more earth centered  practices.

I am reading…The I Ching, Positive Magic, the recent issue of Traveler Magazine, The Miracle of Mindfulness and a handful of other things as well – I’m addicted to reading!

I am hoping…that my husband manages to get to bed at a reasonable hour tonight, after a couple late nighters, I am beginning to see circles under his eyes.

I am hearing… the clinking of dishes, the occasional car door slamming, the fan of the computer and the tappety-tapping of the keys.

Around the house…is a lot of cat fur.  Some of it attached to actual cats.

One of my favorite things…is sitting and watching the water, which I happily took the time to do today as it glistened in the bright sun, was tossed about by a crisp north wind and floated upon by several Harlequin Ducks in their fancy painted plumage.

A few plans for the rest of the week… picking up the CSA box and planning my meals around all the fresh yummy fruits and veggies it contains.  Checking on my p-patch and possibly pulling the tomato plants if the blight has gotten any worse.  Thinking about how to organize the weekend so things that need to get done happen but things that we want to do don’t get neglected either.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing… The Inquisitive Squirrel:

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