A Simple Woman’s Daybook Post #1

This is something I came across recently – a way to capture a moment in a person’s life in a simple way.  I felt like participating today.  Check out The Simple Woman’s Daybook to learn more.

For now, here’s a glimpse into my life, For Today.

Outside my window… grey skies, gulls flying by in the drizzle.

I am thinking… of how difficult it is to find true community.

I am thankful for… the snoring kitty keeping my feet warm.

From the kitchen…  a pile of dishes that seems to be breeding,

I am wearing…  black leggings, long brown three-quarter length sleeve top, cool stripey smartwool socks, grey moonstone necklace and my favorite green shawl.

I am creating… nothing, at the moment – which is sad.

I am going… to the farmers market this afternoon to pick up blackberries to make more jam.

I am reading… far too many books at once.

I am hoping… to get my motivation back.

I am hearing… the snore of a cat, the bubbles from my lavender dry soda and the hum of the computer in my lap.

Around the house… cats are plopped in lazy late afternoon piles of snoozing.

One of my favorite things… is popcorn.  I just had a bowl, too.

A few plans for the rest of the week: making jam, learning about mead making, and trying to stay healthy.

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing… the Snickering Buddha.


2 responses to “A Simple Woman’s Daybook Post #1

  1. I loved an insight into your day. I do love blackberries. I made some jam this year but not enough to last a year. Sadly I think the blackberries are not available here anymore. You know you are creating today, you are making jam. That is a creative act in itself so enjoy it.

  2. they’re great prompts aren’t they?

    hoping motivation finds you soon.

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