Happiness is Spring

Happiness is Spring.  And getting my first blogger award.

Jeanne from Collage of Life, In One Place and Finding My Way stopped by to give me a Happiness Award.  How awesome is that?!

Here’s how it works:

1. When you have received this award 
you must thank the person who 
gave it to you in a new post.

2.  Name 10 things that make you happy.

3.  Pass the award onto ten other bloggers
and inform the winners.

Naming ten things that make me happy is easy.  Deciding which ten of all the great bloggers I read to give the award to – not so  much.  No wonder Jeanne temporarily forgot how to count!

I’ll start with the easy part. Ten things that make me happy.  These are all things I experienced yesterday.
1. Birds Singing.
2. Walks.
3. My Green and Yellow Tevas.
4. Exploring the Nooks and Crannies of My Extended Neighborhood.
5. Whimsical Garden Art.
6. Pondering the Lesson of Nature.
7. Narrow Tree Lined Lanes.
8. Flowering Magnolia Trees.
9. Daffodils.
10. Spring!
 Now for the hard part!
1. Ange @ Signed by Ange for her humorous and art-inspired blogging.
2. Kate @ The Holdfast Seeker  for being a kindred spirit and her wonderful writing.
3. Lili @ Fearless Nesting for all the lovely posts she writes and all the sweet comments she leaves.
4. Marie-Jolie @ Permission to Unwind for her philosophical “yarns”.
5. Meli @ Bikes and the City for pictures of bikes with coffee – I get all giddy when she posts a new one!
6. Ecogrrl @ EcoGrrl Speaks for being a faithful commenter and a such an interestingly eclectic blogger.
7. Dawn @ Dawn’s bloggy blog for all the birding trips I get to experience vicariously through her blog.
8. Tiff @ Carbzilla for being such a fun person and living in Seattle so I can enjoy her company in person.
9. Averie @ Loves Veggies and Yoga for her smiling face and words and so many yummy recipes!
10. Small Footprints @ Reduce Footprints for her artsy green-inspiring self!

Phew!  I made it!  Thank you to all of you who visit my blogs and help create the community that makes blogging all that much more rewarding.


11 responses to “Happiness is Spring

  1. Thank you soooo much! I will have to figure out how to choose ONLY ten bloggers! Hope to see you this weekend at the plant sale – we NEED you as our consultant (and the person to say “Ok, now that’s too many.”)

  2. O goodness – the pressure is on! I wonder if I am any better at saying “Ok, now that’s too many.” if it’s for someone elses garden…

    Your welcome!

  3. congradulations way to go we are very happy for you ,we declare this day,your day,one year from now we will wish you happy anniversery we are so proud of you wishing you all the accession and all the acolades you deserve.ab

  4. Wow … thank you, so much, for passing this award onto me … and CONGRATULATIONS on your first blog award. I know that this will only be the first of many … both you and your blog are terrific!

    Thanks, again!

    Small Footprints

  5. thanks for thinking of me and for the award maurie!! so kind of you!

    and glad you made the peanut sauce..nice! LMK if you post about with a comment and ill come check it out!

    and also glad to hear that you & Tiff are having such a nice friendship…that’s wonderful!

  6. Wow that is so sweet of you! Thank you! And I love ‘interestingly eclectic’!!

    Oh yes and I am SO in love with the flowering magnolias…

    Psst…link on my web page and FB if you want to order truffles online…I made some with sea salt sprinkled on top that are nummmmmy

  7. What a delight to see you gave me an award! Thank you Maurie, you’re so sweet. Congratulations on your first and well deserved award. Love your beautiful images of what makes you happy…I love all that garden whimsy, those are great! And I agree, Happiness IS Spring!! ~Lili

  8. Luck of Mother Earth

    Hello, Maurie! Any tips of the trades you may have, I absolutely welcome, and I do believe I shall follow your blogs! Wonderful! I will definitely give a look at my library.

    A little NorthEAST love to the NorthWEST life. Peace!

  9. WOW! thanks! it’s been a while since I had an award given to me, might take me a bit to pass it on but I promise to do it before spring is over 🙂 such a fun award too! I love how you embellished your list with photos, I’m SO going to steal that idea from you!

    Congrats on receiving the award as well, I added myself to your followers, even though I live on the far side of the country from you I love seeing what’s going on in your corner of the world.

  10. Oh Congrats to you…

    and Thanks so much for the award..can I be a lazy blogger and just accept the award and put on my blog without the work?

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