How about a “Furry Friday” post?

My friend, Tiff, over at Carbzilla posted a bunch of pictures of her fur children today and it inspired me to do the same except I’m giving it a name – Furry Friday just has a ring to it don’t you think?

We have four fur children – all cats.  They won’t let us have a dog.  These monsters have been on our minds even more lately as we ran into some big issues with their food just recently.  The food that we were feeding them was recalled and the company decided to change the processing from pure raw to pressure-pasteurized.  If I wanted to feed my cats pasteurized food they would be fed out of chemical laden cans.  We chose Raw for a reason – many reasons, actually.  We also chose organic.  This goes along with our core values, not just on how we want to treat our animals but how the food they eat, being obligate carnivores, is treated as well.  This also keeps more chemicals out of the environment and doesn’t promote factory farming.  These are all things that are very important to us, important enough to pay for it  – both figuratively and literally.  Literally because it costs more to feed our pets this way and figuratively because this means we have less “free” money to spend on social stuff and the like – which we can handle but not everyone else can understand.  These are the same decisions we’ve made when it comes to our own food.  Our money just gets prioritized differently.  However, with the change in the food we had been feeding them and with our inability to source reliable and safe organic chickens to make our own we’ve been left with only one option and that option costs twice as much.  Yikes!  We don’t actually have that in our budget, something has to give and we’re at a loss to what.  That is still left to be figured out, but we know these furry critters we share our home with really are worth it.  I mean just look at these adorable  faces:

Ginger the beautiful.
Ginger – Conqueror of Papa

Ginger – Protector of sick Papa

Ginger – Protector of sick Mama

Ginger – Cuddler Extrordinaire!

Jazz – Queen of Window Ledges.

Jazz and her disappearing act.

Jazz – the basket case.
Jazz the belly rub temptress.

Jazz the silly.
Tigger thinking about what he has to say…

and then he says it loud and clear!
Tigger the cross-eyed goof

Tipsy the counter-holder-downer

Tipsy the blanket hog!

Tigger and Tipsy – Bro and Sis

7 responses to “How about a “Furry Friday” post?

  1. YAY – I LOVE Furry Friday! Of course, they’re all gorgeous and I think Derby has a little crush on Ginger. Their kitten pics look VERY similar!

    Of course, a few days ago Furry Friday would have been referring to my calves, but I took care of that. 🙂

  2. each one is cuter than the next! Just adorable- especially the protecting the sick parents- love the outstretched hands with papa! 🙂 Oh our furry friends, what would we ever do without them?!

  3. This makes me realise how much I miss having a cat (or three) snuggled up next to me…I’m seriously thinking it might be time…! have a great weekend x

  4. Beautiful cats…looks like they bring you a lot of joy too!

  5. Hi Maurie…I am passing on the Happy 101 Award to you to thank you for stopping by my blog and for making your blog such a happy place to visit!

  6. Oh my goodness…I adore these photos..AND WANT YOUR CATS! ok maybe not..I have one now..thinking of getting one more..not sure how the old boy will adapt to that.

  7. Love the photos. This is how they make us love them. The little paw outstretched to touch a cheek. Nobody can tell me it isn’t intentional.

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