The Blog Disease

There are currently 615 articles and blog posts in my Google Reader.  By the time I am done writing this post that number will have increased.  And I will want to read all of them.  Each and every one of them.  I respect the time that it takes to get a post up on a blog or an article written and published.  I know because I write blog posts and articles too.  I wish I got more of them written, in fact.  And there is the problem.  It takes time to read all those articles and posts.  It takes time to write my own articles and posts.  I have so many articles rambling around in my head waiting for me to take the time to get them down on paper or typed up on my computer.  If I go and read the 615 and climbing (I just looked – it’s 616 now) articles waiting for me in my Google Reader more ideas will be sparked and I will have even more writing to do.  It’s a vicious yet glorious cycle.

I have so many interests that I can’t limit myself to just one kind of blog or website to follow – like food blogs or birding blogs or green living blog – I have to follow them all, and more.  Likewise I can’t just have one blog.  No, I have three blogs that are currently active, several that are closed at the moment and one that I co-author with my husband.  I think this certifies me as an insane bloggomaniac, don’t you?  It’s a disease of sorts, really, and it’s contagious. Because one of the common side effects of bloggomaniacism is blog-pushing.  That’s where the sufferer shares their suffering by pointing out to others all the amazing blogs that feed their habit.  Sometimes they do it all at once.  At other times they’re more sneaky and they only give you a handful to check out at any given time. It doesn’t seem overwhelming so you fall right into the trap.  You really have to watch out for those sort of bloggomaniacs – their dangerous.  They’ll even write a whole blog post about it and you’ll never know what’s coming till it’s too late.

A Handful (or two) of Blogs I Read (and you should too)

Collage of Life

Permission to Unwind

Signed by Ange


Bikes and the City

Change Your Life. Ride a Bike!

Love Veggies and Yoga

Oven Aversion


EcoGrll Speaks

Peachy Green

Reduce Footprints

The Holdfast Seeker

Dawns bloggy blog

The Tangled Nest

And don’t forget to visit the other blogs where I write, too!

The Tern’s Song

Rutabagas and Other Adventures

Gettin’ Around

I hope this post finds you all happy and enjoying life (and addicted to blogs).

Current number of articles in my Google Reader: 618


2 responses to “The Blog Disease

  1. I’m right there with you! Somedays it’s like inspirational overload! You’ve compiled a lovely list for the advancement of my disease. ~Lili

  2. That’s IT!! I have so many interests and so many super interesting blogs to read that I go nuts with the ideas that come out. I also wonder how I will ever find time to create my art … so sometimes I hide myself away just so I remember there are also real people where I live and that paint is wet when you spill it on yourself! Great post Maurie!! Now – it’s going to take me all morning to read through your blog list (thankx xx), what wonderful adventures I will have

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