The Bottom of the Box

Tuesday night found me pulling out the final few items of last weeks CSA, the bottom of the box so to speak. I was down to spinach, sweet potatoes and an onion.  I added to this some garlic and a package of whole grain tempeh that I had in the freezer.  These would need to become dinner.

I knew the flavors were right.  I love both tempeh and sweet potato sandwiches with greens.  Why not all together, minus the sandwich part?  So I peeled and diced the sweet potatoes, diced and cried over the red onion, thawed the tempeh in hot water in the sink and rinsed the spinach a thousand times (well, it felt like it!). I trimmed the stem ends off the spinach and spun them in the salad spinner to get some of the water off, diced up the thawed tempeh, peeled the garlic, pulled out the garlic press and grabbed the olive oil.

First a good coating of olive oil went into the pan.  I heated that over medium heat and added the sweet potato.  I covered it and let it saute-steam, occasionally stirring.  Then the onion went in and was cooked till it was translucent.  I added the garlic, stirred it around a couple times and threw the spinach in, once again covering it to help it start to wilt.  I stirred it around and pulled it off the heat before the spinach was over-cooked, wilted but still solid.  I added about a tablespoon of soy sauce, stirred the whole mess to blend and called it done.

We served it up into our bowls and chowed down.  It was absolutely delicious!  I am certain that I will have to make sweet potato, tempeh and spinach sandwich now – this combination of ingredients is too good to ignore!  I also have a feeling some variation of this will be made fairly often in this house from now on.  I love it when great recipes are discovered this way, when you’re to the dredges of the fridge and pantry and it’s as if the ingredients have just been waiting to meet – like it was meant to be.


3 responses to “The Bottom of the Box

  1. Oh that looks so good and mega healthy! I love the idea, but I never buy tempeh (ok I don’t really know what it is) but I will look for it now because my husband loves sweet potatoes and I don’t cook them nearly enough! Thanks for posting this. Love the images you posted of it too. ~Lili

  2. Sweet potato?! Tempeh?! Oh you’ve created my heaven!

    Thank you for visiting my blog and I look forward to many more visits to yours for some tasty meal ideas 🙂

  3. Yum, what a fun, colorful, and tasty medley! I love how you just put all those components together and they work so well!

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