Blank Walls

Two large wall spaces in my living room have been suffereing from blank-wall-itis.  The art we had was either too small or too big.  There was just no Goldilocks in our collection.  So when we were driving through Belltown this weekend and my eyes spied a large and colorful piece of painted canvas just sitting there with a little post it on it (that just had to say FREE), I made Mark go around the block and then I made him try harder to fit the thing in the car, I knew it would and I was right!  We hadn’t originally planned on driving to the family gathering we were going to and our bus rout would not have taken us past this spot so it made the fact that we ended up having to take the car (because of my little accident the day before) – well it made it worth it because this particular piece of art would have been several hundred dollars at a local import store.  So now, one of those blank wall spaces is no longer blank.  Instead there’s a little bit of the European countryside in my living room.
This piece ended up being too big for over the fireplace mantle, but fit well on the wall behind the love seat.  I’ve had my  hope and heart set on a particular plaque for above the fireplace wall for quite some time.

It’s available from a local Celtic Store called GaelSong but at $185.00 for the set I have yet been able to afford it, let alone justify it.  Maybe, some day.  For now I have one less blank wall in my living room and that makes me happy.


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