The Haircut I Gave Myself

This post is dedicated with gratitude to me wonderful Aunt Billie.

I simply have not been able to afford my $70.00 haircuts recently (this house is VERY spendy to heat!). I have no choice about the cost because of my chemical sensitivities, I can only go to certain salons.

But my hair was driving me crazy!!!

So… I got brave. Now, I do know how to cut hair, and fairly well at that. That is in large part due to my Aunt who was a hairdresser for many years and was kind enough to teach me. That comes in handy because Mark grows a mop faster than anyone I know – except maybe me. (Now, for anyone who has seen Mark’s hair recently – I know I know – he is WAY overdue for a haircut.) But it is one thing to cut another persons hair and totally different to try and cut your own. You have to think backwards as you look in the mirror and try to move the scissors the right direction. And that doesn’t even cover the back. Without fancy mirrors (which I do not have) you have to do the back mainly by feel and hope you are having a lucky day. So the fact that this haircut turned out decent enough to leave me smiling – well that’s a big deal. And I only lost a bit of a knuckle in the process.

So without further ado – here are the results:


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