An Early Anniversary Celebration

Having a holiday a couple days before our 9th anniversary (this Wednesday) gave us the opportunity to take a whole day to celebrate instead of trying to squeeze any celebrating in between 7:30 pm when Mark gets home and bed time on a week night.

That that day turned out to be gloriously warm and sunny was an anniversary gift from nature that couldn’t really be topped.

When you live a block from the beach and you have a sunny day it only makes sense to go to the beach – and that’s what we did. With clear days during this time of year the wind is often coming from the north to north east making Alki Beach a bit windy and cool. As demonstrated here in this picture of Mark – look at the hair blow!

But only a couple more blocks away is Constellation Park, otherwise known as South Alki. A beach on the west side of the peninsula we live on and one that on a sunny winter day can be very protected and down right warm. This is where we directed our walk and where we spent a significant amount of time enjoying nature while practicing our own versions of sun worship along with several other Seattle natives.

A leisurely walk along a rocky beach looking for treasures, sea glass for me and skipping rocks for Mark.

Hanging out with some cute winter residents (Black Turnstones).

Plopping down on the beach to dig through the pebbles, which is one of my favorite pastimes.

And, of course, practicing the very important pass time (anniversary or not) of smooching.

After our beach time we headed back to the house for lunch and ravioli making. (You can read more about the ravioli making “incident” here). With the ravioli made, we headed off to see Avatar at the Cinerama in Belltown. As for this film – WOW! What a beautiful, exciting and meaningful film – even if you’re not a science fiction fan, this film is worth seeing. Mark and I feel it is one of the best films we have seen not just because of the world it created through amazing special effects but most especially because of the thought-provoking messages this film gives. Messages that are well worth considering.
We came home to finish fixing our special meal (and discover what not to do when making pumpkin ravioli). Even with it not turning out exactly as planned, the Pumpkin Ravioli with Fried Sage Butter and a side of organic asparagus roasted in the oven was a nice way to finish the day.
Happy 9th anniversary to us!

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