The Finish

I finished After Lucy a couple days ago and have been pondering what I would write for the final post for this book. It didn’t end the way I thought it might. It ended in a way that has everyone getting along (even if superficially) and moving forward as if not much had really happened – but maybe with a few less walls in the end. In a way I was irked about that, but I guess that’s the way it usually is – people just stop fighting the battle because it wears them down after a while – it’s so much easier to just shut up and deal. At least with inter-personal relations, but maybe not for your own inner person.

That is what this book was about more than anything I think – inner honesty. Being real with yourself and even if no one else knows it – because you keep up the facade , at least your not fooling yourself- as much. The main character came to a different conclusion than I would of – if I could get away with just being me that is – no editing what I am thinking or hiding what I am dong to keep others from reacting and either coming unglued or being so silent and tight-lipped that you just want to tell them to spit it out already – they’ve already thought it loud enough for everyone to hear anyway. This book was a good read for me because it opened up my personal journaling in even deeper ways. I have several entries where I let it all out – all the frustrations of interfering meddlesome people. People who think so highly of themselves and their ways that they elevate themselves as judge over you in all their interactions – either openly in the “name of love” or silently – glowering eyes and fake smiles. The author tackled some “taboo” subjects (I hate the idea of “taboo” subjects, by the way) in fairly blunt ways, especially with the main characters inner dialogue. Although the character rarely followed through in action what he was feeling and thinking – at least things were addressed that normally get swept under the rug. And the ending was, although not the way I would have ended it, decent enough – one possible outcome to a life with complex interactions and situations to be dealt with. And the kittens were a nice touch.


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