Cascade Farmer’s Market

It was a 1.25 mile bike ride from our Belltown apartment to the new Cascade Farmer’s Market in the South Lake Union neighborhood. Not to bad of a commute to a Farmer’s Market even if the route could use more consistent bike lanes and the location more bike racks. Once I did find a place to lock up my bike my first purchase was a container of raspberries that I munched as I browsed the various vendors.

There were a few produce farmers set up and several fruit sellers. I saw my first market zucchini of the year and managed to keep myself from buying any, knowing I had an over abundance of other vegetables from our CSA and our p-patch. But it was hard. I really wanted that zucchini. For fruit there were flats of strawberries, raspberries, cherries and even a few apricots. I didn’t see any favas and I know I couldn’t have past them up if I had. Fresh favas have such a short season you just have to grab them when you find them. I hope I still have a chance. There were plenty of greens and carrots and other beautiful earth bounty.

What I was happiest to see was the Samish Bay Cheese people were there because I was all out of cheese at home. I had been hoping that a local cheese maker would be at this market. Next came the tough job of deciding which cheeses to get. I tasted a few and finally went with two very different varieties, the raw milk Port Madison and a fresh farm cheese that I can’t recall the name of at the moment. I wonder if anyone has ever thought to create a cheese and dairy CSA – I’d be all over it! The same farm also sells humanely raised organic meats and they had their meat stand set up right next to the cheese.

A little ways down I came across a local pasta maker, La Pasta. They had a good selection of pastas including several different raviolis. Ravioli is something I have been craving for a while now and just haven’t been able to take the time to make, so I couldn’t resist. I got a package of the mixed mushroom ravioli. I think I will be making that for dinner soon with the mushrooms and garlic scapes from the latest Full Circle CSA box we got.

There were flower vendors, a roasted nut vendor and few others to round out the market. I don’t know if there are plans to bring more vendors in as the summer progresses or if this will be the main group, but for the most part you can get most of what you need for a good meal among those already there.

The Cascade Farmer’s Market will be every Thursday from 3-7pm through September 24th.


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