P-Patch Update

The other evening we picked over 2 pounds of peas in one picking, as well as four large heads of lettuce! There is so much lettuce we can’t possibly eat it all before it bolts and I am hoping to get some of it to a local food bank before that happens. The zucchini’s and tomatoes are blossoming and the parsley is going crazy. The beans are up and the cucumber transplants are settling in. Which reminds me – I need to plant dill! The potatoes are flowering and looking incredibly healthy and we nibble on a few strawberries each time we’re there, of course the slugs are nibbling on them when we aren’t there. Sadly we seem to have an infestation of club root disease and the brassicas have done very poorly. I am hoping it won’t effect the mustards, because I can’t imagine my winter without fresh mizuna trimmed from under a cold frame. The peppers are the saddest little things I have ever seen. Even in the cruddiest of summers I have managed to get a few peppers of my pepper plants – but these ones seem to have never recovered form mid-Mays cold nastiness. I don’t know if they will ever turn around. I gave them a little organic fertilizer and I talk to them nicely each time I see them – but I think they would rather have a mini sauna to live in – unfortunately I don’t have the resources to give them what they want. I only hope they turn around eventually.

The garden really is doing very well over all and I am looking forward to that first zucchini like you wouldn’t believe!


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