Interbay P-Patch – Here I Come!

I am excited to announce that there will be some garden writing this year.

On Thursday we received a community garden plot assignment – something we were thinking would not happen for another year or two. What a pleasant surprise. Hm. That is not quite putting it right. If I am to be entirely honest I will have to mention that I was jumping up and down clapping my hands like a little kid, giggling and grinning, and exclaiming my joy. I was giddy. I am giddy.

After March 7th I’ll get to start playing in my little patch of dirt at the Interbay P-Patch here in Seattle. The timing was great. The few precious flowers and herbs I dug up from my house in Olympia won’t need to find a temporary home in my mother-in-laws yard (though she was kind enough to allow that).

For now I dream. I’ll imagine all the wonderful things I can put into my plot. I’ll look forward to making it mine. I’ll look forward to the community I will make with those I’ll be gardening along side of. Now my head is full of summer flowers and huge salads made from the bounty of my little patch of dirt here in Seattle.


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