The Local Life Changes Location – Hello Seattle!

There was a long pause since my last entry due to my husband loosing his job, deciding to go into business for himself, and then our move back to Seattle after being away for nearly four years. We really couldn’t be much happier to be back in Seattle. We love it here and missed it while we lived in Olympia. Olympia has a lot to offer the locavore really, but Seattle seems more like home to us and I am looking forward to exploring all its little nook and crannies in greater detail than I did the last time I lived here.

I have given this blog a bit of thought lately, because I am aware of other bloggers from the Seattle area, good ones, that cover much of the same topics I have in the past. I’m not ready to drop this blog though. I think there is still so much to write about and since Seattle and the Northwest is such a big place, hopefully I can find a few unique stories to share here.

Our living arrangement has changed drastically. We were ready to try something a bit different which has led us to living in the Belltown area in a 20th floor apartment. We are loving it. There is much we gave up by not having a house again, like a yard for instance. I wasn’t to concerned about this because I know how much I loved having a p-patch when we lived in Seattle before. But now there are over 1800 people waiting for garden plots and I’m a couple years down the list. I’ll have to be patient and maybe even see if there is anything I can do to help get more p-patches developed.

My closest Farmer’s Market is Pike Place. That is going to be a challenge as well. When I lived here before I tended to avoid Pike Place for good chunks of the year due to the mass crowds of shuffling tourists. It’s hard to get your grocery shopping done in crowds like that. I’ll have to learn the tricks though, because I am still set on walking to get my food as much as possible. It’s nice that it is open year round, but I haven’t seen many local farms, or i haven’t been able to spot them. I’ll have to do some research as to when they are there and how often.

I am not lacking for local bakeries though. There is an organic french bakery, Boulangerie Nantaise, really close by and so far everything has been delicious. I am especially fond of their whole wheat loaf, the Chausson aux Pommes, an apple turnover, and the Pain au chocolat. Only a little farther there is the Macrina Bakery where we picked up a delicious cider bread not to long ago. Down at the Pike Place Market I have frequented The Three Girls Bakery many times for their amazing feta and spinach croissants; absolutely the best ones I have ever had. I am sure there are many more bakeries to discover. And I am looking forward to it and all the other little discoveries awaiting me in this new “Local Life”.

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