Treasure Hunt

I spotted the first one sitting slightly buried among the green beans. The next was almost completely covered by the same beans. That was all I saw at first. When I began to ask for them, the woman helping me at Rising River’s stand pointed out a third over a ways sitting on some other vegetables. I don’t recall what they were, my eyes were just for that third small spikey orb. Then she looked around and found two more, the last of them, we thought. But, surely three would be ok, I didn’t want to be greedy, especially since I’m more fond of them than my husband. But when she weighed the first three, I couldn’t hold back. I was going to take every last beautiful one. The first fruits of the season – all mine! I walked away so happy. My basket held five small wonders of the thistle family – yes, like Eeyore, tonight I will feast on thistles, otherwise known as artichokes!

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